Trick or Treat 2015

8:56 PM

Many weeks of {fun} prep for this years Halloween!  We had a Golfer, Black Widow, and Agnus from Despicable Me :)

Olivia's 9th birthday

10:08 PM

Miss Olivia had a full birthday week, let me tell you.

She wanted to have a fun Disney Descendants party, so that's what we did.

11 girls at our small was 3 hours of crazy wild girls.  I think our neighbors may have even heard them screaming. was a long 3 hours....

we played games

opened gifts... 

apparently we also had a spanking line :)

Nana Dianne is visiting, so she helped with decor and the cake :)

then came the movie...

but these girls couldn't sit still for long.....lots of dancing and jumping around had to take place.

We are so thankful that Olivia has such great friends.  It was just a lot at once :)  never again!

Saturday the 24th...her actual birthday!  She got her play makeup out, and gave herself and Nana Dianne a makeover :)

She received a phone call from her best friend Michelle that moved away!

After lunch, off to the Children's museum!

Finn liked to look at the dinosaurs, but once they roared, he was not happy :(

sweet sisters in a wagon!

back inside....fixing cars!

Had to do a little grocery shopping, too!

climbing up the clouds...

Finn loved putting these fun blocks on this ramp thing...

Olivia served Avery and Finn and Daddy at Cafe Oscar.

Finn found one of his favorite items...a broom!  

He even took it across the hall and down the slide!

Little mister is also super into dinosaurs lately.

he got very wet in the water room!

sand sculpting with daddy

love this saying !  ha!

back home, more presents!  Liv opened up an easy bake oven!  she was super pleased with it!

after a supper of chicken and dumplings, we weren't done yet with bday celebrating...

off to the splash park for a couple hours of swimming!

We are POOPED!  Days and days of celebrating....whew!

Happy Birthday Olivia!  We love you bunches!


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