bye bye Nana and Bapa...

7:11 PM

...after they drove away, Livvie looked at us and got teary and started saying "Nana, Bapa, vroom vroom..." She had real tears in her eyes...
Piper is missing her 2 buddies Sophie and Mesa, too. All she's doing is sleeping now!

We're off tomorrow for our 2nd Christmas up with Daddy's parents and family! It will be a WILD time, with 4 dogs, and lots of family!!! We're looking forward to it!


2:31 PM

One of the things Avery has been wanting to do, is to go ice skating! In town we have an indoor skating rink, so we thought we'd go on over and try it out!

Liv LOVED skating....she is super good...

Avery caught on after a while!

They started getting more confident and venturing out alone.

Daddy told them that we can go back again sometime soon, so we are looking forward to that!

After our day of ice skating, we came home and got ready for the fun night of gifts!!!

"Santa" knocked on our window, and this was Avery's expression. I was told that Liv took off running in the other direction (mommy and daddy were on a date...)

Avery was determined to leave "Santa" cookies, and so we got them all ready for him! Who says that girls with allergies can't have fun baking, too?

The girls opened up their gifts from us and from Nana and Bapa.

Liv is obsessed right now with the movie "Enchanted". She loved opening up this one!

Avery got CandyLand!!!

My dad has wanted a flag that he could put up on their camper, so I had this made for him...isn't it pretty neat?

Before bed, Avery got "Santa's" table all set up in front of the tree. He had some milk, cookies, carrots for the reindeer, and the letter that she wrote him.

Christmas morning, this is what she woke up to find......

She said to me, "Mom....I'm so glad my wish came true....Santa is real!"

Livvie got a fun stroller for her baby dolls.

Avery got Eden from the Christmas Carol DVD!

The rest of the day we spent being lazy, and eating. Nana and Bapa took Avery to "Marley and Me", and she really enjoyed that!

Hope you all had a fabulous time too!

Merry Christmas!

9:21 AM

and here is a little gift, from me to you....
go on, really have to...
this is a Christmas Present you'll never forget...
oh, and, you're're very welcome...

and if you still want more....and, I know you do,
here...have 5 minutes of pure the whole's great at the end! (Thanks Jamie)

Christmas Cards, edition 8

9:59 PM

Here is Robyn's 3 beautiful girls, Brooke, Blaire and Brynlee
And, here is hubby's Uncle Allen and Aunt Janet with their boys and their dog, Coda

Holiday Barbie 2008

3:29 PM

It was one of the things on Avery's list this year that I was not going to get for her. For crying out loud, the thing was $40.00! A Barbie...for $40??? Sure, it is a Collector Barbie, but still....

Well, she got some Christmas money in the mail today from Grandpa Myron (Thanks Grandpa!!!). Same day, I saw the Holiday Barbie on sale in town. Guess what she had to go get? Yup! Bapa Craig threw in an extra $5, and we bundled up and went and bought her. Isn't she sooo fancy?

She really is very pretty...ya know, for a barbie and all.
Avery was SOOOO excited to get her out of the package and look at her. She kept saying "She's just so pretty....I don't want to stop looking at her!"

Christmas Cards, edition 7

9:21 PM

Hold Cards, batman....

I just LOVE getting mail....I LOVE getting Christmas Cards! THANK YOU to all who have been sending them!!! My wall is covered in photos of all of your faces!

Sugar sent me her adorable family photo...after 3 boys, she just had a little girl, named Olivia!!!
Our good friends Marc and Monica, and their 3 sweet bright eyed kiddos, Lydia, Julia, and Boaz!

I received this card via email from Michelle today! Thanks Michelle!

One of my bestest blog clients Laura sent me this card...
I had to take 3 pics of it, because it was just THAT cute!

My Grandpa Myron....I wonder who talked him into this pose...
A blog client, Emmy, sent me a photo of her beautiful kids...William, Lizzy, Thomas, and Mary Harbin!

My blog friend Darby sent the CUTEST card...I think I may just have to do something similar next year!
And, a blog reader of mine, Danielle....what a cute family!!!


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