our week....

11:09 PM

some of the girls in Liv's 2nd grade class (pic from the concert)

This is what this little guy does when he is supposed to be pushing the shopping cart...he is such a boy!

Lots of hugging going on here these days between these two.

Mr man had some long hair going on, so he went in for another big boy haircut!  Didn't make a peep...just sat on mommy's lap and sucked on his sucker the whole time :)

Avery has a nasty cold AND a big drama production on Thursday night....praying she feels better soon!

Livie's 2nd grade spring concert

11:32 PM

sweet little Miss had her school concert!  she's been under the weather this week, and we were a bit worried she wouldn't be feeling well enough, but she pulled through!

Her teacher Mrs S

Student teacher Miss P

Liv and some of her classmates got to have a cute little part in the concert!  They all did such a wonderful job!


11:29 PM

Currently has 4 teeth, but it's just a matter of time :)

Loves to sweep while wearing sunglasses...

Puts sisters undergarmets around his neck and play...

I am working on his big boy room, and I made these!  I'm loving them!

The girls watched Finn today while I slept for an hour.  This is what they did to him...


8:30 PM

Avery and I went "antique-ing" the other week! We found this gem and I had to pick it up for Finn's big boy room! :)

Took Olivia to a local store last week to look at a new dress, and she had to "try on" the prom dresses :)

On Monday, this little guy and I went "to town" and did some more shopping together.  We had a nice little time, and he was a great lunch date!

Last night we took the girls' bunk apart.  Neither was enjoying their room, and they were never really in there.  So, hopefully this will help give them a place to do homework, computer, and hang out!

Finn got to do some chalk today....yes, it ended up in his mouth.....the end.


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