She did it!

3:56 PM

"Mom, it was a great day!"

Does that look like a Kindergarten-er or what?

Avery, and Mrs. S!!!

How cute...she came home with a badge that says "I survived the first day of Kindergarten!"

She also came home with photos!!!

Can y'all say it with me...."ahhhh....."

She had a fabulous day. There were no tears at all. In fact, I was excited for her. The school made me feel so comfortable about her being there, that it really was pretty smooth sailing.

Avery was 'calendar helper' today, so that was a highlight.

I went over for lunch, and I tell ya what, that staff is like a well-oiled-machine. The safety precautions they take over allergies is crazy! They check lunch bags, read labels, and make sure that no one sitting by Avery (or her other peanut allergy friend). They couldn't be better, in my opinion!

I'm now off to snuggle with my super little kindergarten-er as she's "resting" on the couch! :)

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8:57 AM

Here she is! Ready to start her day!

She said she was "nervous-excited" today. The morning went well, dropped her off without any problems, and without any tears or sadness from Avery or Mommy!

Having her in preschool last year prepared all of us. I have to say, Daddy seems to be the most anxious about the whole thing. That sure surprised me!

I will be going back over for lunch time today. I want to make sure all goes well, and that she knows what to do.

So, until my beauty comes home from school, I'll focus on this beauty all day long...

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twas the night before kindergarten....

10:07 PM

and she's pretty excited. We got all her school supplies labeled today, and we're set and ready to go! Can't believe that it's tomorrow!!!!!

Liv has no idea what's going on, but she still wanted me to take a picture of her too!

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before and after...

11:03 PM

I've been frustrated with my photos lately. Did some researching and asking good ol Mel about some photoshop stuff, and going on over to Pioneer Woman. Got a few pointers on how to make them a little more pretty, so hopefully we'll be seeing some better photos of the girlies coming!!!

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random....once again...

5:45 PM

The girls and I went over to school today, and boy did we have a fun time! We met with the school nurse, took a tour of the school, met with the principal, and the best....hung out with Mrs. S!!!!! She is super super sweet. She is everything that I would want in a teacher for my daughter. She is seasoned, she is kind, she is soft spoken, she is energetic, and she is informed. She has taken on the allergy issue, and has done her darndest to make her classroom plastered with allergy "stuff". She has educated herself about Avery, and wants her to have the best, safest kindergarten year. I won't go into the details about the safety precautions her school takes for allergies. That will be a new post all together. I'll just say this....I feel safe with Avery being there. period.

I had a whim to go to BIG CITY again today. I bought Avery these adorable dresses at Gymboree yesterday, but I just couldn't stomach the price that I paid. So, I packed up the girls and off we went. It was fun, but also miserable at the same time. Liv seriously is a maniac. I don't know how to parent the child when we are out of our house. She is everywhere, she is LOUD, she is unbearable. And, then when Avery is there to "try and make her happy", it just makes it that much worse.

With Avery, I would always look at "those" moms and pity them. How do they go out in public? Man, their kid is so naughty! Must be bad parenting.... NOW I KNOW! Good'll be amazing if we make it till she's in school. And then, man, whomever gets her in school.....good luck! The staff at Avery's school just looked at Liv today with their mouths open. What kid is like this??? Um, mine...yup, she's mine...oh, and did I mention, she's a pastor's kid? Yup, she can pray before mealtimes, but she can also scream so loud that you can hear her from the nursery when her daddy's preaching...that's my girl....

We are now home, and boy am I glad. Liv was upset with me most of the ride home. Wanna know why? Well, it's because I wouldn't pull of the interstate so she could touch the cows and horses that we were passing by......SERIOUSLY???? Ugh.... She is in her crib right now, sleeping all her crabbiness away (I hope)...

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home again...

10:22 PM

I had a fantastic day alone....alone...ahhh, alone.....

It's amazing how little I talked to anyone.

Sure, I said lots of "No thank you"s to sales people trying to get me to "put it on a new charge account and save 10%"...

I said lots of "thank you"s and "have a nice day"s to many sales people. Heck, I even talked to a total stranger at a craft store about scrap booking stuff!

I didn't have to say any "Liv, don't take your diaper off", or "Avery, please stop singing", or "For the love of all that is good and holy....ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Nope, none of those today!

I left the house at 8:45 am, and didn't come home till 6 pm. Lots of alone time....alone...ahhh, alone.....

I bought lots of cutie patootie clothes for the girls, and myself some tops. I never dare to buy hubby anything....he needs to pick his clothes out himself....

anyhow, back to reality, and back home...

Tomorrow Avery and I will go to meet her teacher and take all her meds to the school nurse. Gol, anxiety is beginning to kick in. I keep thinking.. "What if one of the kids spills their milk and it lands on her lap?" Good grief...that's enough to send me into a panic mode.

The next big concern that I DO have control over....deciding which cute outfit to wear on our first day of Kindergarten!!!!

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a day off....

9:14 PM

Whew....I LOVE my blog designing job, but let me tell ya something...I'm a tad pooped right now!

Since last Saturday, I have done.....17 blogs!!! Whew.....just writing that makes me tired! To take a look, click here

So, since I've been working my little tail off, I am taking a day off...all to myself! Hubby is letting me go to "BIG town" to have a day of shopping and whatever the heck I feel like doing!

Oh, and I want to introduce you to one of my new favorite blogging-designer buddies. Her name is Renee, and she has her own little business here. It's called "Baby Face Design", and she does some of the cutest things ever! She designs lunch boxes, invitations, party bags, water bottles, luggage tabs, labels....basically anything! I just designed her blog for her and she just did some fun stuff for Avery, too! Take a peek, and tell her I sent you! :)

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next Thursday...

9:18 PM

My sweet Avery will begin Kindergarten next Thursday...

I have so many thoughts about how I feel. Jumbled up thoughts.

Her teacher called me tonight, out of the blue. I smiled. It was so nice of her take the time to ask about Avery's allergies, and what she can do to make Avery's year go smoothly. She has had allergy children before. Eases my mind a lot.

It's crazy for me to put the health of my daughter in the hand of strangers....strangers that also have to look after many other children too.

Avery has another student in her class that also has a peanut allergy.

Her class is going to have a "hand washing rule" after lunch time...this is awesome since Avery is contact reactive (if a drop of milk lands on her, her skin will react).

Her teacher also wants Avery to have her own water bottle at school instead of getting drinks out of the faucet because of the allergies. This made me smile. To know that her teacher suggested this, and not me, makes me feel comfortable.

So, not only am I sending my first-born to Kindergarten, and dealing with the sadness, excitement of that, but I'm also sending my first-born child with allergy issues to Kindergarten, and also dealing with the nervousness and anxiety of that.

Jumbled up thoughts from a nervous mother....

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Nana and Bapa's house

2:58 PM

We returned last night from a fun-filled 5 days at Nana and Bapa's house! We had such a nice relaxing time. Here is our weekend in pictures.....

Nana and Bapa bought the a fun tent to have at their house for when the girls come! They LOVED it!

This is how I found the girls after our first day at Nana and Bapa's house....too cute!

Saturday we went to the Fair! What a fun fun time! Liv is OBSESSED with horses right now. She can't say "horse", but she can "neigh"....boy can she "neigh"... She was so excited to see a horse in person, and...she got to ride on it!!!

Avery decided to get in on the action as well! Can't just let Livvie have all the fun!

Next, the rides! Oh how fun! Avery was a little reluctant at first, but once she started, she didn't want to stop!

I was so laid back that day, that I also let Livvie go on some rides too! She LOVED it too!

I went on the helicopter ride with them. Oh joy.... Avery LOVED the dragon roller coaster!

I can't believe she wanted to go on it, but she had such a fun time! Look at her face!

Sunday morning brought church. It was nice to go to a different church, and hubby actually got to sit with me! It's nice that he can have some Sundays off to enjoy other churches as well. Don't the girls look super cute in their Target dresses? I LOVE Target!

Sunday night we went to Storybook Land with Aunt Rachelle and Uncle DJ. The girls had lots of fun sliding down the Jack and Jill slide!

...and the hickory dickory dock slide!

Liv was a little scared of the horse this night, but here she is looking at him, and "neighing".

Had to play a little more before we left!

And, for the grand finale of the trip....GO CARTS! I couldn't believe Avery wanted to go riding with Daddy! I agreed, and went too. When we started out, I thought Daddy would begin a little slow, but nope....he went out full force, and Avery LOVED every minute of it!

Rachelle, Liv, and Uncle DJ took photos and cheered us on!

Thank you Nana and Bapa for such a fun time! We LOVE you!

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