Another Christmas, and the rest of 2015

12:35 AM

We received a good amount of snow after Christmas, and we were very excited to get outside and play! :)

During all of her free time, Liv found my wedding dress, and we had to to a little photo shoot ;)

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig arrived on the 27th, and so we got right to MORE CHRISTMAS :)
{it seems like Winnie is in every picture with gifts...she has to be RIGHT THERE :( }

Liv had been asking for one of these little puppies.... :)

some homemade aprons

Liv was super excited to have some easy bake oven mixes to make, from Josh, Ellie, Grady and Addy!

Finn got a fun noisy little car from them, too!

And Avery some itunes gift cards! :)

Liv with her stash from aunt and uncle!

Last, there was a big bag that was for Finn from Josh and Ellie, too!  So fun to watch his face (and everyone elses) as he opens this!

He LOVES this dino!!!

Bapa and his sidekick

Avery doesn't do pics these days...too bad...

We went to a neighboring town one day....they had this massive train exhibit.  It was great fun for all of us, and Finn even got to drive a couple little trains!

Nana and Bapa bought the kids their first sled (oops, mom fail) and so we went out and tried it out!

Finn wasn't a big fan, mostly because of the snow that flew up in his face...

Liv however loved it....her and Avery are out there a lot on their sleds!

We had a fun video chat with our family, and thanked them for all the wonderful gifts!

The last night before they left, Liv wanted to try the gingerbread house decorating.  I told her that I was not going to, but of course, she talked Bapa and Nana into it :)

they did a pretty great job, huh?  much better than the train disaster! 

I like theirs more than what it's supposed to look like ;)

Nana and Bapa had to leave, which made everyone sad.... but we're grateful that they came to visit!!!  

Christmas Day

10:17 PM

i saw an etsy seller had painted a sign similar to this, so I thought I'd give it a try.  we're looking for a place to put our stockings anyhow :)

We slept in until 8, and were slow to get up this morning!  But, once we did, it was time for stockings and presents!

Avery LOVED the new Star Wars movie, so I was able to get her a BB8 shirt in time :)

An etsy seller who makes dinosaur costumes....isn't it just the best?  This was a huge hit with Finn!

Avery got a 3D Mickey Mouse puzzle, and it was sooooo hard!  It fell apart a couple times, but she didn't give up!  

Liv received some easy bake oven kits, so she made a cake today. 

She also did more toenail painting! :)

And Avery.....still working on the puzzle!  She did finish it!  whoo hoo!!!!!

Finn got his first taste of a candy cane!  thumbs up from him!

Olivia has been on a hot chocolate kick lately!  She has been making herself some almost daily!

After supper, we got all snuggled up and put on "A Christmas Story".  Love our crazy little crew!


Christmas Eve

10:11 PM

We had a nice slow-to-get-up morning!  I made some fun treats, and I put the little man to work cleaning up after me :)  Only kidding....he LOVES to sweep and clean!

The girls (meaning LIV) were anxious to begin opening presents!  I brought them out, and surprisingly when I told Finn "NO TOUCH", he obeyed!

Couldn't find a place to put Winnie's stocking this year...ha!

We opened some gifts in the afternoon!  I think this picture is so funny! 

Avery also loved opening up all of her fun surprises!

This is what Liv was so excited about!  She wants to practice doing nails ALL THE TIME, and so what better way than to buy her a plastic foot? :)  The plastic hand didn't make it in time, but is in the mail!

I found an etsy seller who makes fun necklaces!  Check out what she made up for Avery! #theatergeeksunite

Finn had a dinosaur Christmas!  little guy is very into them, so we showered him with them!

Spent the later part of the day making and frosting cookies, eating chicken and dumplings (yum!), and getting all dolled up for Christmas Eve service!  We LOVE being home for Christmas, and we LOVE spending time with our church family!

Hard to get a decent one of all of them, but....well, here is how we did ;)

After church, we went over to our church friends house and had a fun little gathering!  Lots of treats and chit chatting!  The girls got to play Wii, and Finn even learned how!  SO FUN!

After that, we came home, put Finn to bed, and the girls each opened up a couple things!  We were super tired and ready to hit the hay!!!


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