12:31 AM

Avery asked me to straighten her hair for her tonight! it's amazing how long it is. with curly hair, it always tends to seem so short. i wish i could do something to thicken it up, though!

and, Olivia got a hair cut a week or so ago, and i just had to post a photo of her too! yes, she's holding a TOY weapon, but she says she's a "princess hunter"....whatever that means!

"break my heart for what breaks yours"

6:28 PM

a letter my sweet Avery wrote to an orphanage in Ethiopia, today at church...

"Kids, Remeber that GOD will NOT FORGET His promises. GOD says in the bible "I am watching over My word to perform it." GOD promises you to a family. They will love you, care for you, and so on. You WILL get a family." Someday, this will be YOU"

Girl Scouts are officially in trouble....

6:03 PM

not only are these cheaper, at {Walmart} $1.98,
but they are actually better tasting...

uh oh Girl Scouts....
it was going to happen eventually, i suppose...

Olivia's funnies...

12:06 PM

"Mommy, can I have some more of those stinky toot chips please?"

she means these....
sooooo funny!

star of the week, dr. suess, and a playdate!

1:23 PM

when i was growing up, i was mad at my parents for giving me a last name that started with a "P". i was so envious of kids that were towards the beginning of the alphabet because they got to do everything first. well, i didn't marry up in the alphabet, that's for sure. so, now my kids have the same problem as i had. hopefully they will learn patience, something i still haven't mastered.

Avery was finally star of the week this last week! she was sooooo excited! she spent a very long time making her poster just right! we took photos of her room, and special photos of her American Girl dolls, too. she was very excited for a week all about her at school! during her week, she got to also bring a show and tell each day too! she chose to bring an american girl doll, her dental molds, a collector barbie, her pillow pet, and since it was a 4 day week, she gets to bring one more (yet to be determined).

on Wednesday, it was Dr. Seuss' birthday, so we had a blast going around town trying to find some stuff to dress up like the cat in the hat! We found the hat for $2, the bow for $2, shirt for $3, and tights for $2!

I wanted to get a picture of her with her Star Student board in the classroom!!!

on Thursday, we brought home one of Avery's good friends, Kylie, from school for an American Girl playdate! They had such a great time, and played all night long!

At 9 o'clock, we finally said it was probably time that we take Kylie home, and our girls did not want to let her go! so glad they had such a great time!


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