Last Day of 3rd Grade

11:53 PM

Liv officially finished up her 3rd grade year!

First and last day comparison!  She lost teeth this year, and her "sun in" from last summer has been growing out!  She also looks taller, too!

Finn cannot be left out, so here he is on her last day of school!

His first and last day comparison!

I ran over to get some pics of Liv at the end of the day!

Student teacher

Mrs B!

First and Last days :)

She looks like she had a great last day!

Camping Adventure: Day 7

9:37 PM

We packed up and left as soon as we could.  We were anxious to get home...

This is what 7.5 hours in a camper looks like....

Our one stop at a gas station!  Lucky had a dinosaur!

This is about 1/3 of what we packed on this trip!  I spent the last 45 minutes of our drive getting all our stuff together!

Such a great family trip!  We made tons of wonderful memories, and who knows....maybe we became a camping family :)

Camping Adventure: Day 6

9:35 PM

Bright and early Saturday morning!  We had a little downtime this day, which was nice.  We leisurely got up and ready....

The kiddos went and fed the calves in the morning!

Finn ran down the road to me as I was coming back from showering!

Across the street from our campground, were these 3 horses!  We went over and took them a bunch of apples to munch on!

After we went back to the campground, Liv talked Bapa into taking her back for more horse time!

We went on a short drive up Spearfish Canyon.  I can only imagine how stunning it would be in the fall with the trees!

We got out at one of the stops to look more closely!

There must have been some sort of "cool car" tour, because there was a whole crew of these guys!

Daddy, Finn and Avery stayed in the hoo to them!  Just me and my Livie!

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig!

Daddy and Finn waving hi, and the back of Avery's head in the window!

Seriously, so much beauty in South Dakota...who knew?

We went back to the campsite, and Nana and Bapa went back out and looked around some more...

Finn helped Daddy take the garbage to the dumpster...

On to the wedding ceremony!

Such a pretty church!

We parked the camper in the church parking lot, and had a mini selfie session :)  Avery was sick at the campground, and Finn was sleeping....

So peaceful...

We had some of our friends come into our "house" and chatted for a nice to catch up with great friends!

Then, to the reception!  It was at a beautiful ranch!

Outside, there was so much to look at and walk around!

This is SO us....

Handsome mr Finn...

pretty little lady of ours...

again...HORSES!  Liv got pretty lucky this trip with all of the horse sightings!

Couldn't leave without dancing a bit!  :)

Back home to our sick Avery....and a long night of sleep.....


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