6:17 PM

We have been having quite a few birds in our backyard, and Finn LOVES LOVES LOVES to watch them!  He will pull the chair over to the door and point and "uh", and talk to them!  I guess Winnie enjoys watching them too!

Cute little boy before a haircut, posing with a yardstick!

We dyed eggs today.  Thought I bought the easiest kind, but apparently not.  I went to get more water, and Finn dumped that green bowl all over the table....lovely.   

They are NOT cute, but it was a memory :)

Making our house pretty

11:49 AM

It's never ending around here! :)  I like to have projects going.  Hubby, not so much, but I sure do like it!

Here is an old mirror I had for $5 that was in my room.  I bought some old trim for $2, and there you go....a new window pane mirror!!!

We FINALLY finished painting (for now!)  This wall was pretty scary, and Daddy was up very very high!

Chelsea Gray is the color....we love it. 

Now, to go on it!
If you remember, I had this pile of frames that I painted and aged....

I measured each item, and them made a diagram on my computer!  I played around with a lot of different set ups, but I love symetry, and this is how it ended up! :)  Each of the kiddos baby pics, followed  by the sheet music of the song I used so sing to each one as I rocked them to sleep...ahhhh :)

The back of wrapping paper sometimes has grids on it, so that was VERY helpful for setting this up!

Getting it up on the wall was tricky!  We had to borrow 2 ladders and needed both of us to figure out where it went!

Whew...getting there!

Final product!  Very pleased with how it turned out! :) 

Yesterday, my job was to arrange above the cabinets.  I am no good at this, but here is where I ended up...

and I am LOVING my cute old kitchen utensils on the wall!

I did the same diagram on my computer for my plate display...this is what I came up with...

However, once it was up, it didn't look rustic enough....too shiny and white.... 

Here is where I am right now with it....throwing in some kitchen utensils, but this is not finished yet!

Always something!!!

a few more before and afters :)

11:23 PM

black entertainment center.....before


after  :)

wall color before...

during... :)  much lighter!

dining room table before

after... just a little dirty white! :)  LOVE!!!


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