Afterschool, on Olivia's first day of Kindergarten!

4:53 PM

I left home early because I was so darn excited to see Liv, and to see how her day went! ;) That's a looooooooooong time to be away from mom!

I peeked into her classroom, and they were all enjoying some stories on the smart board.

When it was time for her to leave, I opened the door, and when she saw me, I snapped this picture and she said "Mom, my first day was AWESOME!" Check out that smile ;)

The only hiccup was that she forgot to put her retainer in after snack time, so we had to go back to school to get it.

She also had a little "get to know me" page that we did together and called it "homework"!

Thankful that both girls had great first days, and Avery's second day was great as well! :)

Olivia's First day of Kindergarten!

10:18 AM

As we were putting her to bed last night, I had to get a quick picture... 'twas the night before Kindergarten, and someone was excited....

Woke up this morning bright and early, and Liv was asking all morning "is it time to go yet?"

She picked out her outfit all by herself! ;)
sweet spicy girl of mine!

also had to wear pink dangle earrings too!

The obligatory "in front of school picture"

walking into her classroom

ready for the day to start...

with her teacher!

Liv and I were both doing really good until I said it was time for me to go. She hugged me so tight, and momma's eyes began to fill up. I put my camera in front of my eyes so she couldn't see my tears, and took the last pic of her and her teacher!

It's a big deal, sending the baby off to school. Momma is now home alone all day long, with no kiddos. Bittersweet for sure!

Beauty and the Beast

10:35 PM

I took the girls to Beauty and the Beast that was in town! ;)
Avery realllllly wanted to go, and even though it was the first night of school, we gave in and let them go!

In our seats, waiting for the play to start!

and, 2 1/2 hours later, the finale!

We met Belle after the show! And got to see Mrs. G too! ;)

Fun night! ;)

Avery's first day of 4th Grade

10:07 AM

Man, 6:30 came early this morning!
As excited as I have been for the girls to get back to school, the waking up part I kind of forgot about! ;)

Anyways, today is all about AVERY! She started 4th Grade today!

She was excited!

Had to take some cute photos!!!

Today is picture day, too!

Why oh why does she constantly close her eyes? ;)

Her friend Ingrid is in her class, so that will be fun! And, sitting at her desk, right before I left!

Can't wait to pick her up at 1, and see how the day went! I think we're going to decorate her locker, too! We've been working on some fun stuff! ;)


5:51 PM

she wanted a picture of her and Winnie for her locker at school ;)

Back to School Open House!

7:31 PM

Both girls had open house at their schools tonight!

We went of to Olivia's school first! ;)

carrying her teacher gift!

She got to sit down and enjoy some goldfish, as she is "o-FISH-ially" a kindergardener now! She also saw her friend Payge!

Liv and Mrs. S!

We then were off to Avery's school ;)

She got to unload her heavy backpack, and then start to decorate her locker!

We then had a parent meeting, and then home! ;) A fun night, and both the girls are excited and ready! ;)

Soggy Doggie Days

8:56 PM

Today was the last day that the pool was open!
The girls and I spent a couple of hours soaking in the end of summer!

From 6-8 the pool opened up "Soggy Dog Days" where you can bring your dog and swim with them, and all money supports the Humane Society.

There were hundreds of dogs that showed up! Winnie had never been in water swimming before, so this was a first for all of us. She didn't like when she couldn't touch, and she much preferred meeting all of the owners, rather then the dogs ;)

Fun times we had!

**added photos from Humane Society and Newspaper**

us under the yellow umbrella in the baby pool...

Me pushing Winnie down slide, Olivia at bottom of slide:


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