8:46 PM

9:45 PM

Doesn't he just look like he's 2 here?

I love randomly finding pictures of Finn and Avery on my phone!  Avery is such a great helper these days, and usually has "Finn time" for about an hour a day (while mommy gets in some zzzzzz's)

The girls do actually get along sometimes.....this was one of those times...

Mr Finn is very interested in belly buttons....his and yours!  He often can be found lifting up his shirt to greet you!  He then will try to get you to put a toy or some random object under his shirt. :)

Olivia had to make a habitat shoebox diorama for school.  She chose the rainforest, and we had quite the project on our hands!  Grateful these only come along every so often!

This picture made me realize he needed a hair cut of some sort!

So, off we went!  He had his first sucker, and was so behaved throughout the whole thing!

He and I were a sticky slobbery mess afterwards!

He wouldn't pose for me, but here is the best I did for an "after" picture! :)


9:33 PM

Saturday was a DAY OFF for our family!  What a wonderful sight to see these beautiful deer outside our yard!  Shortly after this picture, chaos ensued :)  I got some carrots and stood out on the deck and threw them towards the deer.  Little did I know, but Winnie jetted out behind me after the carrots, and then Finn also saw his opening and fell in the snow on the deck :)  Some panic, tears, and a nice warm bath, and we were good to go....whew!

A family from church gifted us with an overnight at a waterpark hotel!!!  We took off Sunday afternoon, and off we went!  

The boys fell asleep, and us girls partied on the pullout couch for awhile :)

The water was a little cold for Finn, but he did his best at enjoying it!

He mostly wanted to be by himself (without momma holding his hand), walking around :)

The ball did keep him entertained for a bit!

My kiddos (and a very badly edited picture :) 

We had some time to kill, so we went to the mall!  Finn's first ride on a horse!!!

Little Mr had his 1 year eye appointment to check up on his lazy eyelid, and all is still going well!  

What a difference 6 months can make!  This was in June!

We're home, re-united with Winnie, and so grateful for a wonderful church family who gifts us with wonderful get-aways!

new glasses, family outing

9:25 PM

Both our girls had eye appointments over break, and they BOTH needed new lenses!  Olivia got new frames, and here she is in them! :)

One night last week, our family went out to eat in town!  We received a few gift cards for Christmas, and it's such a blessing to go out and enjoy a fun time together!

I had a couple of the kiddos from church over this last Friday, and one is taking some photography classes, and used Finn as her guinea pig :)  

Fun , busy weekend!

8:48 PM

Olivia made Nana Judy's cookies MOSTLY by herself!  Mommy had to help with measuring and some details, but she did SOOOO much of it on her own!!!  They were very yummy!

Finn helped sweep :)

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came out for our Christmas with them! :) 

Lots of fun gifts for them! 

Finn got this fun hat from Josh and Ellie! 

 Nana and Bapa even got a few little things....Avery even gave Bapa some toilet paper (of which he left behind ;)

Nana and Avery playing a fun new game!

Bapa doing what Bapa does best :)

This kiddo needs a haircut!

And, this is why I tell Olivia that she cannot put makeup on. 

Mommy and Daddy had a super busy weekend, so it was so nice for Nana and Bapa to be here to help watch the kiddos.  We had a funeral, and then wedding rehearsal and a wedding on Saturday.  I was the personal attendant, and this is the only pic I took!  oops!!!

Mr Finn looking dapper for Sunday morning!!!

After our crazy busy weekend, Finn took a nice 3 hour nap with me today!  So thankful for that!

New Year!

11:04 PM

I have been working on a teepee for Finn's room for a couple days.  It didn't turn out perfectly, by any means, but it'll do!

The girls both had eye appointments on Monday, and they both need new lenses! 

I have thought that Liv's frames were a bit too dark and big, so I was able to talk her into a new pair ;)
 Barbie Girl's Love Eyeglass Frames

Nana and Bapa arrived at our house on New Years Eve!  We had a nice supper, had our Christmas, and celebrated a bit! :)  Poor Finn was sleeping for all the fun ;(

Nana Dianne took the girls to "Into the Woods" today, and Bapa stayed back and had some quality time with Finn.  His take on Finn:  "he's such a Momma's boy" :)  Yup, he sure is!!!


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