1:43 AM

The girls have spent most of their evenings at rehearsals for Annie all summer, and the time to perform is finally here!  6 total shows!

Olivia is an orphan!

And, Avery is a couple ensemble characters, and also Ronnie Boylan from "the Boylan sisters"

So thankful that our town has a community theater that they can get involved in and enjoy!  

The second weekend of the show, our other family came into town too, and we got to meet sweet Cassidy!!! :)  This sweater is tradition for me!

Visit from our Wisconsin Family!

1:39 AM

We usually take a trip over to Wisconsin during July, but this year, Wisconsin came to US!!!

Thats right, Grady and Addy made their FIRST TRIP EVER to our state!!!

Finn and the kiddos bonded right away, and they made quick friends!  We did sooooo many fun things like swimming in the hotel pool.....

A not-so-fun thing happened as well.  Our town had a record setting rainfall, and Nana and Bapa's campground got totally flooded!  Good thing they made it out in the middle of the night to get to a more dry spot!  It sure made for some fun memories!!!  We took Bapa back the next morning to retrieve a rug he didn't have enough time to get!

We went to the Childrens Museum, which was a hit with the little ones!

and big ones, too :) 

We even managed to make it to the big pool, too!

Bowling is always a fun thing to do when family comes to visit, and these little ones did a great job!

Nana and Bapa's camper is always a fun hangout spot!

We made it over to the park in our neighborhood, too!

And, the real reason they get all gussied up to go and see the girls' perform in their Annie play!  How cute did these 3 look???

When it was time for them to leave, there were some really really sad faces!  We had such a great visit!

Avery's sweet 16

1:19 AM

and just like that, we blinked, and here we are....

our baby girl turned 16 on July 12th!  

She's super into getting her picture taken, can't ya tell? :)

She wanted to go to Applebees for lunch with the family, and, her ipod, too.... 

the classic 16th birthday gift....a Mickey Mouse towel!  What a good sport!

Here's hoping Avery will hop back into learning to drive during this 16th year of hers!

End of June

1:14 AM

Summer since we got back from Texas has been busy!  We have managed to keep ourselves doing a little something daily!

One of our projects has been to make Daddy's office more organized and neater looking! 

Liv's favorite time of the year!!!  We didn't think we were going to do horse camp this summer, but here she is!  She loves her Solo!

Finn's summer activity has been "Ninja class" with his pal Ethan.  It has been lots of fun for him, and fun for those of us watching him as well! :)

Liv saved her money she earned from the rummage sale, and purchased a hoverboard with some help from mom and dad.  She was a super quick learner, and she also helped her brother get started, and he has become quite the expert also!


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