back to life...

11:01 PM

the girls are just now getting back to life, after being down and out for over a week.

Avery had Strep and Influenza B and was home all last week from school.

Liv caught something from her, so our doctor put her on meds as well, and she is now coming around as well.

Thankfully Daddy and I didn't get the bug at all! Daddy let me sleep a lot this last week every time I began to feel achy, so I think that helped keep the sickness away!

We have a fun week ahead of us! Avery is Star of the Week, and she is very excited about that! I'm sure there will be some posts about that! :)


snow much fun

8:09 PM

the girls and i built ourselves a snow fort yesterday!

which then turned into a tunnel! :)

it's amazing how much the snow has melted with the nice temperatures this week!

too bad we're supposed to get a ton more snow this weekend!

8th tooth lost.....and.....

11:21 PM

no more cranking her expander! :)

we go back in April for a check up, and then the next step is to get her two front teeth together a bit more! :) we shall see what happens when her other ones start coming in! This is definitely an awkward teeth stage for sure!

Teacher Valentines

9:04 PM

I've said before that I had a lot of flour that needs to be used up, so I've been searching for ways to use it up!

We chose to bake bread for Avery and Olivia's teachers this year for Valentine's Day!
We chose yummy recipes for pumpkin chocolate chip bread and also banana chocolate chip bread!
Both were tested and loved by us, so we hope that they are loved by their teachers as well! We also threw in some Hershey's White Hot Chocolate packets too...super yummy! :)
and just like that, all of the many Valentine's crafts at our house for this year are done! What fun they were! :)

Olivia's Valentine Love Potion

8:54 PM

Another non-original valentine idea that we found this year from this site that was so creative!!! Olivia thought this was a fun idea, so we went with it! :)

we got our big case of water, ripped off the labels and replaced them with our cute paper!

Next, the assembly line was all set up! The straws were from the dollar store (4 for $1), the Hawaiian Punch singles were $1 for 8 of them, so all in all, not too expensive!

and here is Olivia with her Love Potion, all ready to give to her friends tomorrow at her party! :) A very fun idea, and we hope they love them! :)

Avery's iPod Valentine

10:51 PM

I wish this was an original idea, but I found it during one of my many late night searches for what to do for the girls' Valentine's this year. When I told Avery about it she loved the idea, so we went with it! It's really quite fun....

first, some supplies: (not shown in photo {stickers, clear bags and bag toppers})

We made up Avery's playlist first and then printed them out...don't ya love her choices?

next we cut out the fun papers and taped them around the Chicklets to make the iPods...{i forgot to put the string for the ear-pods on before this step, so I had to take the tape off and do it over again...oops}

next came pasting on the playlist and menu on the'll need an extra crafty 8 1/2 year old for this step!

add the ear-pod rolos to the strings with stickers!!!! (our stickers weren't very sticky :()

address your bag toppers...

put the iPods in their baggies and staple them shut!

package them all up and give them to your friends!!!

We're about half way finished with Olivia's! Her party isn't until Tuesday, so that will give me a few more days! Let's just say, hers are "magical"! :)

Olivia Valentine Mailbox

12:32 PM

There's a lot of things I'm not good at....the list is mighty long (cooking, cleaning, remembering groceries, etc) but one of the things that I attempt to be good at is creativity and crafting for my girlies!

And, when Olivia came home from school with a note saying she had to have a box made for her Valentine's, I was ON IT! :)

I did a google search, and we came up with some fun options. I let Liv choose between a mailbox and a birdhouse, and she ended up choosing a mailbox, so yesterday we crafted and made her a mailbox!

First, we had to find the right pieces for it! (we are HUGE fans of the Mt Dew throwback!!!)

and cut them to size... (notice the little flap for her mail chute :))

taping the pieces together to make the mailbox was a bit more tricky, but we got it!

I wrapped the whole thing up in Valentine wrap, which was a bit harder than an average box, but ended up looking okay! Olivia helped decorate with some Olivia the Pig Valentine's that we picked up for $2 at Target...

and, I think her smile says it all!

This is not the end of our Valentine craftiness, at all. I have been working on Valentine's for both of the girls and will be doing posts on both of those as well! :)

no where left to put it!

12:05 AM

we arrived home today to another 10 inches of the white stuff...

our wonderful friends from church so lovingly plowed and shoveled our walkway, driveway, and sidewalk....they are so fabulous...
but seriously....
there is no more room for snow!

trip to Wisconsin

11:57 PM

Avery had an allergy appointment in Wisconsin, so we made the trek to Nana Diane and Bapa Craig's house last Friday for what we thought was going to be a couple day visit!

turns out i didn't take any photos while we were actually at Nana and Bapa's house, but I did when we were almost there....

we love coming around the bluffs and seeing this view every never gets old...

the girls love to see the walls of huge icicles....

and there you have it....all the photos I took on our trip! We ended up staying 2 extra days because of the snowstorm back at our house! We had a lot more time with Nana and Bapa and we didn't mind that one bit at all! Lots of playtime, laughing, painting, eating, shopping, napping, silliness, cuddling, and just plain fun!


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