Our Week

10:52 PM

Homeschooling has some advantages! :)  Avery gets lots of quality time with Finn, and Mommy has free hands a little more! :)  Win for ALL of us!!!

Just love this little boy! :)

This is kind of funny.....day 2 (or 3) without a shower, hair all greasy and up, no makeup, and Mr Finn in a bib full of drool....it's so how we roll around here these days!

Avery and I taught Liv how to add 2 digit numbers....it slowly escalated into the hundred-thousands :)  I always love it when she is interested in learning! ;)

A couple of videos :)

1:05 PM

Finn has begun to start crying when I put him down....remind you of another one of my children?


He is loving this jump thing!  He jumped in it today for a good 30 minutes! :)

Like Father like Son

10:14 PM

Nana Judy gave us one outfit that she had saved of Daddy's from when he was little.  I found it over the weekend, and we put it on Finn! :)

Looks either like a super hero, or someone from Star Trek!  Then, I went searching for a picture of Daddy in it, and found one!!!


2:41 PM

Someone woke up ready to do some school! :)  If everyday is like this, well then, awesome-sauce!

Liv got her appliance put in today.  Here's hoping that this will help open up the bottom of her mouth to make room for all her adult teeth

and, we're losing out land line today....kind of bittersweet


4:24 PM

Avery's done with public school!!

Happy 4 months Finn!


10:19 PM

it got up to 50 degrees here today!  Time for Finn's first stroller ride!

We also moved up his jumpy thing from downstairs, and I think he likes it!

Watching the girls and daddy play infinity

gimme that, daddy!

I do still have 2 other kiddos....they just don't get photographed as much anymore...

they're not as photogenic :)

Finn wore a cute little man outfit today!!!

precious naps.....love him!


3:03 PM

well, this is not something you fill out every day....

soooo cute!

11:23 PM

practicing for his pictures this week!

just hanging out!!!

Rest of February

6:57 PM

2 weeks ago, our lovely friends came to visit us!!!

Yesterday, Daddy's family came to town!  Finn got to meet his only girl cousin!

Chloe turns 1 this next week!!!

Auntie Holly and Mr Finn!

I did a blog swap with an etsy seller, and I'm very excited to try these on Finn!

My first attempt at a cardigan-onsie :)

Liv has had a rough winter.  Bladder infection, cold, ear infection, and now some tummy stuff.  We have spent soooooo much money on co-pays this year already!!!


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