Saturday chores

7:09 PM

This little guy LOVES to sweep, mop, vacuum!  I welcome his help on chore day! 

Homecoming, and teeth pulling

9:30 PM

Homecoming week here...Liv had fun for black day :)

Just a little Finn for your Friday :)

Olivia had a cavity filled on Wednesday, and her top 2 teeth were loose, so Dr Dan helped them along...didn't realize it at the time, but boy her gums are purple in this pic...

And these girls of mine....they begged me to go to "the game".  Never have asked to go to a football game in their lives, and here it was.  So, I took them.  Sat alone while each of them went off with their friends....sigh...

3rd grade

8:05 PM

sweet, spicy Olivia Lynn ;)

9:01 PM

Mr Finn had a rough go at it in the nursery on Sunday :(  See the scratch from his eye, across his lip, and chin?  yup.....  looks worse than it was I think....

Olivia got her kite out and had some fun with Daddy flying it!

And this....not what it looks like.  Well, it is what it looks like.  I have been having a lot of pain with my cycles once they returned after Finn.  Finally went in this week, and had to have a fun ultrasound and some answers, and will be paying them for this for the next couple years :(


9:58 PM

our neighborhood recently got a new park!  they have been working on it since May, so it is very exciting to be able to play on it!  still missing the swings and some other stuff, but it's a good time!

It was very nice outside today, so we got out the chalk and had some fun!

This little guy LOVES being outside so much!

Bubble Guppies - Have a Cow

9:09 PM

We have NEVER gotten Finn to sit still for longer than a minute or two for ANY tv program.

Well, success this last week!  We found an episode of Bubble Guppies on Amazon Prime!

The kid will watch it and sit still :)



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