Christmas 2017

10:41 AM

Christmas break began at noon on December 20th!

Nana and Bapa were on their way, so Liv had to get her concert all ready for that night!

We were treated to trumpet and piano, and....

dancing?  Avery joined in as well....

And how could mr Finn stay sitting down?  

The next day, Nana got Finn a gingerbread train set!  It turned out pretty great!!!!!

We went to a movie, did some last minute shopping, and ate out....and Nana was my helper elf, and stayed up with me pretty late to get all my gifts ready!!!

Liv loved this one from Nana and Bapa!  It was pretty easy to buy for the girls this year, as they are both getting their own rooms!

so funny....the many faces of Bapa during gift opening!

Avery was so funny, and wrapped up random things round he house for us.  Bapa got these, and Daddy got 2 batteries and a note that said "gift not included" :)  

The face of 2 people whose lives are about to be changed.....


Liv got a new game with headphones, and Finn just had to try them out!


Daddy frosted cookies while Finn helped him!

The sad part of Christmas, was that we were sick.  What we thought was just some innocent little cold, turned into a bit more for some of us.  So, Sunday morning Christmas Eve came, and Finn and I had to stay home....such a bummer!  BUT, we were able to get all the gifts ready!

This Christmas i brought to us by the letter "d"....looks are decieving!  Looks like lots of gifts, but maybe not!? :)

After church each of the kiddos opened up 5 gifts.  I will have to take pics of all the stuff I worked on for months for the girls, but this is one!  I made Avery a photo blanket out of all her favorite musicals!!!

This was a labor of love, too....many nights on this were spent, but she loves it, and it turned out pretty good!

Flash was super exited as well, while also having constant nose goo, a sore throat, ear pain, cough and fever.

Christmas morning the kids woke up to this!

And we had this song, and caramel rolls!  FUN!

At the time, I thought this was a lot of snot!  But, we have since doubled our record of snot, and the nose sucker thing even clogged up with all the junk Finn is producing out of his nose!

Christmas wasn't what it was supposed to be, but we made the best of it, and enjoyed being together!

Concert Time

10:33 AM

Avery had her high school choir concert at the PAC again!  
So much fun to see all these kids up on stage together!

I've been making my favorite treat again....a lot :)

Olivia's 5th grade band had a little lunch time concert!  She was SOOOOO excited about it!

Finn didn't like how loud it was (although it was loud, it wasn't terrible!)

Sweet Abby came to watch her!  That kinda made her day!

Has to be just like his sister!!!

I thought this was funny....he wanted a popsicle so bad, but was cold, so he had to bundle up!  ha!

Christmas Fun at the Museum

10:29 AM

We got a special invite to come to the Children's Museum to meet Santa, and play!

It was a fun time for our family for sure!!!

This room is the coolest!  We all had so much fun!

Finn knew Santa was going to be there, and he wanted nothing to do with him up close!  But, a bit later, Santa walked through the museum, and heard there was a little boy that was feeling shy!  So, he sat and hung out with Finn for about 10 minutes, and even went down the slide for him!  Finn warmed up a bit, and gave him a high five at least, and talked a bit to him!

After a while, it was time to go, and we made our way down to Santa's chair!  He and Finn played catch for a little bit!

And then, this happened when I asked him to take a picture with Santa!  (notice, our Christmas Elf, Buddy....he heard we were going to the museum, and put himself in a jar so he could come with us!)


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