pics of the girls

12:46 AM

Our wonderful photographer gave me the CD of the pictures that she took of the girls in early summer this week! Enjoy!

sewing and blog books

12:13 AM

I sewed a few things today for the girls! :)

An adorable apron skirt,with a matching american girl doll dress for Emah!

and a circle twirl skirt, which looks much better and fun on, then on the hanger!


Also, this last month I have been busy making blog books for this here blog. I have always wanted to have the blog in print as sort of our family's scrapbook.

Slowly but surely with, I have been making a book for each year. So far I have finished 2007, 2008, and 2009. Two of them already arrived, and one is on the way! It's a lot of work to do it, but I know I will be glad that we have these memories in print...

phone picture recap

12:40 AM

today....supper with Olivia at Subway...Avery was at a birthday party, so i had this beauty to myself!
Avery and I had an eye appt today, and we both are going to get new glasses...she tried these ones on to see what she thought...
this morning, Olivia came to me and said there was mouse poop in the garage...i came out to find a dead little mouse....yuck!
last night, girls and I went out to our favorite out to eat!!!
super super yum yum!

Wedding Weekend, more sewing

2:34 PM

We had a very busy weekend. Two different couples from our church were getting married, both on Saturday, so we had to arrange to attend both.

The girls in their Wedding clothes...

Wedding #1, Nick and our church. Daddy married them!

Then, we grabbed a quick bite to eat, and down the street to Wedding #2, Kirk and Sarah. They had a 1920's theme going on, and a lot of the guests dressed the part as well!

Back to the reception of Wedding #1...Olivia LOVED dancing with one of the bridesmaids named Ariel. She danced for an hour straight!

and then took a little break with some chocolate!

Daddy and Avery were tired and went home, and Liv and I went on to the reception of Wedding #2. It was a desert reception, so there was lots of yummy treats!

a very busy day, and we were exhausted afterwards!

I have been sewing more in the last week or so.

First, a reverse knot dress for Olivia (pattern here)

and a dress for Avery (pattern here)

and today I just finished this fall dress for Avery (pattern here)

Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead

3:47 PM

Our family made the trek over to the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead on Sunday.

This is what the weather said for the day:

Yes, we were crazy. I tell ya, the things we do for our kids, right? This was the only day it would fit into our schedule, so off we went!

There was a breeze in the air so it wasn't as horrible as it could have been.

We went on a horse ride! :)

Olivia LOVES horses, and the owners let her "cool down" one of the horses! She loved it!

We looked around and took some more pictures...

and then got ready for the pageant...

We had a front row seat! :)

The girls enjoyed themselves, and even went up afterwards to meet the cast and get autographs...

It was a fun day, but we were so glad to be back in air conditioning! :)


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