Olivia is a graduate!

1:00 AM

Olivia spent the last 2 weeks in Safety Town, which is a safety program for kids ages 4-6. She had a hard time separating from Mommy at drop off, but ended up liking her time there!

All the moms and dads got to come on Friday for graduation!

This was her group for 2 weeks!
She LOVED that Daddy was there watching her! Had to say hi to him whenever she could!
She got to show us her skills riding her "car" through the town, and following all of the traffic rules.
The parents were all giggling at how the kids kept bumping in to each other, and driving on the wrong side of the street most the time!
Did I mention that it was 90 degrees outside, and humid as all heck?
Liv doesn't sweat well, so by the time she was done driving through town, she had some red cheeks! (i think all the parents did, too!)

inside, her teacher asked all the kids a lot of different safety questions. Here is what Liv thinks she's to do when she has fire on her!

At the end all the kids sang songs for the adoring group of parents.

And each kid got a certificate and a high 5 from Officer Tim!
It was so nice to have a police officer there every day! I think it helps the kids be less afraid of them!
Way to go Olivia! We're so proud of you!

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