Wedding Weekend, more sewing

2:34 PM

We had a very busy weekend. Two different couples from our church were getting married, both on Saturday, so we had to arrange to attend both.

The girls in their Wedding clothes...

Wedding #1, Nick and our church. Daddy married them!

Then, we grabbed a quick bite to eat, and down the street to Wedding #2, Kirk and Sarah. They had a 1920's theme going on, and a lot of the guests dressed the part as well!

Back to the reception of Wedding #1...Olivia LOVED dancing with one of the bridesmaids named Ariel. She danced for an hour straight!

and then took a little break with some chocolate!

Daddy and Avery were tired and went home, and Liv and I went on to the reception of Wedding #2. It was a desert reception, so there was lots of yummy treats!

a very busy day, and we were exhausted afterwards!

I have been sewing more in the last week or so.

First, a reverse knot dress for Olivia (pattern here)

and a dress for Avery (pattern here)

and today I just finished this fall dress for Avery (pattern here)

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