12:51 PM

February was a fun month for us! :) 

We always love when we have Community Group at our house, because PAISLEY COMES OVER! :)

Finn is constantly saying funny things!  Want to remember these someday!
Finn, telling Avery: "the only time we can say butt, is when we say Dick Butkus."

Finn saw this frozen pizza in our house, and said "him look just like King Saul"!!!

Avery got to sing the national anthem with her vocal jazz group!  Great group of kiddos!

Finn doesn't have school on Wednesdays, so sometimes we have a lunch date!

We invited Paisley over for a Valentine's date!  They sure had a fun supervised visit!

Liv has funnies all the time, too!
on the topic of Mark Twain...
Olivia: "Isn't he that guy on Shark Tank?"...
we, her parents, and the public school system, have both failed her 

Olivia had a vocal concert with her group, so that is always fun to go and listen!

One more funny for the month!

Daddy: "Are ALL items meant to spark JOY? I've never had socks that spark JOY...and belts? I don't buy belts to spark JOY, 
I buy them to hold my pants up..."
we've been doing it all wrong, apparently


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