A BEAUTIFUL wedding...just beautiful!

9:13 PM

Megan and Jerry's wedding was such an experience. What a blessing to be a part of their lives, and to watch their love for each other grow. I could write quite a lot about how beautiful of a night it was, but I'll just get on with the photos....

If you look close, you can see my husband sitting on the left side under 3 candles. The funny thing...those candles dripped wax ALL over the back of his suit coat! He had to go home after the wedding to change! How funny is that?

Liv and I at the reception...sure wish she was looking at the camera...
Check out my beauty...seriously...her eyes melt me... Oh, and the animal cracker crumbs by her sucky are kind of cute too!

Gol, clanking glasses...they had to kiss LOTS...
Here we are with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Megan Smith!

Avery made us stay long enough for her to be able to dance. She had such a fun time dancing! Here she is dancing with one of our college friends, Desi. Avery even learned how to do the "Macarena"...

What a wonderful night we all had. Megan has such a fun-youthfulness to her that was written all over her wedding. From her ballet slippers, to the burlap on the tables, to the fun CD as our favor...it was a night that will be long remembered!

Now, only 2 more weddings for us this month! One this weekend, and then Avery will be the flower girl in a wedding on July 21st! Whew...

Just a few photos...

3:40 PM

Here is Jerry and Megan at the rehearsal last night! They just look SOOOO happy!
Livvie's first attempt at climbing a tree...
Avery on a walk with Bapa and Sophie...
Nana, Livvie, Bapa, and Avery

My Thursday

9:58 AM

What a busy day I had...or so it felt. In the morning, I went and helped Megan with decorating the church and reception hall. My parents stayed with both of the girls for the morning!

In the afternoon, we went to Z'Kota for lunch, and then off to Walmart for birthday shopping! Avery picked out a Fisher Price Little People dinosaur set, a My Little Pony ballet studio thing, and a fun badmitten set that she calls "tennis". She had fun being spoiled by Bapa!

And, last night was the "date" that hubby and I went on to Megan and Jerry's rehearsal. It was quite odd to be away from the girls together for the first time in 8 months. I mean, we've been away when we've had to work, but never when we'd chosen to go out, like on a date. The rehearsal and dinner were a blast, and the girls had a fun time with Nana and Bapa too!

My parents are leaving today, and I wish they would stay longer. It's so nice to have them here. They have energy to do fun things with the girls when I don't. My mom will be coming back in a couple weeks for Avery's birthday celebration!

8:21 AM

My husband...
So sweet of him...he made me a mixed tape yesterday! :D Remember back when you were a kid making your boyfriend a mixed tape? Well, I guess I was special enough, 'cause yesterday he surprised me with one!

Thanks honey...

Oh, and hubby and I ARE going on a date tonight. We are going to a rehearsal and dinner for our friends Megan and Jerry that are getting married tomorrow! Mom and dad will have fun with the girls, and she is the ONLY one I have left them both with besides my hubby...

AND, Avery is going to be having her birthday shopping day with Bapa today since he is not going to make it to her party next month. The first thing she said this morning was, "Mommy...remember what today is? Today Bapa is going to take me BIRTHDAY SHOPPING!" I'm excited to see what she picks out! I told her to tell him she wanted a Barbie Jeep or a new swing set, and that was laughed off... :)

Trip to the kiddie pool!

6:17 PM

Nana and Bapa are here, and we are having a fun time! We went over to the kiddie pool for Liv's first pool experience. It didn't turn out so great...

I was holding Liv's hands, and she slipped and went under. Then, Avery and I were playing tag, and she slipped and went under! So, both girls got a mouth full of water, and mommy is going to think twice about ever taking them both again...

Here is Nana giving Liv a bottle to soothe her after she got her breath back...

And here is Avery about 1 second before she took a slip...

My day with My Avery

12:45 PM

Yesterday was "Avery day". After I worked, Avery and I headed out to the pool. It was our first time, and boy did she have fun! She was very hesitant of the water, and still won't put her face or her head anywhere near it, but I think we made some progress! AND, after supper, we even went back because she wanted to swim some more!

And, of course, I made sure Avery had enough sunscreen on, but did I put some on MY back...um, nope...I'll be living with this pain for a few days I'm sure!

A WONDERFUL surprise!

12:35 PM

Guess who's driving 5 1/2 hours tomorrow to come and visit us? MY PARENTS! YIPPIE! They are staying till Friday, and I couldn't be more excited to see them! HORRAY!

hope you don't mind...

8:26 AM

I know I picked a crazy song to play here, but I like how it says "wake me up inside"

I'm hoping this will happen to me soon! I need to be "woken up"

getting the feeling

8:22 AM

Recently, Avery heard that "when you get the feeling you have to go to the bathroom, you better stop what you're doing, and go!"

What a good lesson, I thought. Listen to how she uses it to persuade us now...

"Mommy, I think I'm getting the feeling that I want to watch a movie now..."
"Mommy, I think I'm getting the feeling that I want to play in my pool now..."
"Mommy, I think I'm getting the feeling that I want to go outside now..."

Yes, she is creatively persuasive!

she warms my heart...

9:19 AM

I overheard Avery reading the following off of daddy's bookmark this morning...
"For the love of Christ urges us on"...
precious...really precious...

Mommy Talk

9:07 PM

to join us, head on over to Mommy Talk and sign up!
What was your favorite baby item(s) that you could not live without?

I have been looking forward to this mommy talk topic! It's so much fun to share what things us mommies used to get through the first month or so! SO, here's my list! I LOVE THEM ALL! I'll try to put them in order of when they were used!

These were essential to me the first week. I had them in the freezer, and used them A LOT! I think every new mom who is going to attempt nursing should have these!

These two photos above are pictures of my best friends. My Ameda B-Pump, and my pumping band. I pump for Liv, so I use these items numerous times a day. I cut off the around the neck strap off of the band, and this is great! I remember being able to pump and feed Liv a bottle at the same time!

We've used the silicone NUK's for both our girls...They are wonderful for church, or out to eat!

Liv was particularly gassy the first couple of weeks, and giving her gas drops helped out a ton! We also switched her bottles from the Avent ones, to the Playtex Nursers below...

We just love this jungle crib music thing. When I first started putting Liv in her crib to sleep, I would place her so she could fall asleep looking at it. It was part of her night time routine, and it seemed to work really well!

Fisher Price baby papasan chair. Liv wouldn't sleep in her bouncy AT ALL, but when she snuggled up in here, so felt like she was being held and loved it!

Liv was born at the end of October, so we needed something extra warm for her car seat. I found the J.J. Cole Urban Bundle Me worked great! We didn't need to put her in a bunting every time we went out, because this was super warm for her!

We borrowed the Fisher Price Jumparoo from my friend Theresa. This was so helpful for us! Liv loves to bounce (ask anyone who has tried to hold her), so this was just up her alley!

We are using this Baby Bjorn bib right now for Liv. Whatever falls down, ya just scoop it up, and right back in it goes!

This is the BEST teether ever! Liv loves to chew on the wings, and she really likes it when we put it in the freezer for her!

So, there you have it! My list of baby-necessities! Hope you enjoyed!

Avery's Birthday List

1:08 PM

Shane doll from Camp Rock
Princess TV
Moon Sand
Aqua Dots
Nintendo Wii Princess Game
Hannah Montana Movie
Sharpay Barbie (From High School Musical)

post signature

Sorry y'all...

11:19 AM

don't much feel like blogging these days...I'm stuck in a rut here at home, and trying to figure out a way to be "happy Jennisa" again... So, I'm just taking a few days off here...

Father's Day

10:52 AM

I think this photo shows just what our family is like these days. The girls have been 'off the hook' crazy with energy. None of them wanted to pose for this picture on Sunday morning. Liv is just way too busy with other "big girl" things, and Avery just had better things to do that take a picture. Daddy is just looking at her as if saying "C'mon...if you take a good picture, Mommy will take you to get french fries at McDonald's"....I did too!

Friday Night OUT!

10:41 AM

We went out with our friends Megan, Jerry, and Ashley on Friday night to Applebee's! It was a fun time of catching up with them! Megan and Jerry are getting married on the 29th, and are going to be moving to Texas shortly there after.

We haven't seen Ashley much since summer began either. She's been busy working!

In all my times of going out to eat with my children (and we do it very often because we don't get babysitters) I have never had an experience like I had at Applebee's. Liv was tired, but because of the atmosphere she was wide awake and crabby. Plus, the mountain dew that I had the night before was making it's way through her, so she was WIRED! She was bouncing all over, wouldn't sit still, and wanted to touch everything. I was holding her with one hand, and trying to eat my salad with the other hand. I was glad to be able to eat out, but boy was I glad when it was over. Needless to say, Liv fell asleep in the car on the way back to our house....

Ashley, Megan and Jerry came back to our house for some Friday night board game fun! We played a fun little game (wish I remembered what it was called) and had more fun chatting. We don't have any photos of Avery from this night...oops. I guess because of the craziness of Liv, she was captured more often!

Mommy Talk

8:45 AM

to join us, head on over to Mommy Talk

How were your first few weeks at home?
Sleeping, eating habits? Any baby blues/post-partum issues?

With Avery, she spent her first week and a half in the hospital, so that was not a fun experience. We brought her home when she was 9 days old. She was on a wonderful schedule from being in the NICU, and I was sure she would stick to it. That didn't happen. :D When we brought her home, she was on her own new schedule! She would eat 4 ounces of b-milk every 4 hours and sleep pretty much the rest of the time. Nights weren't very fun, but that's to be expected. PG and I had a rule...in the middle of the night, if one of us was up for 2 hours, then we could wake the other one up to take over. It seemed to work for us.

I think I had some of the baby blues, but nothing major. I cried a lot and I didn't want to be left alone with her either. I think a lot of those feelings are pretty normal for first time mommies.

With Olivia, I was much more emotional. I was overwhelmed to say the least. We asked my mother to come home from the hospital with us for a couple days to help out. I was surprised how I didn't remember a thing from when Avery was little. It was like starting out all over again. I had forgotten how this new little one needs you for everything. I tried nursing Liv, and we tried that for over 2 weeks. It was SO painful, and I did not look forward to feeding times with her, so I made the decision to pump. She would eat 2-4 ounces of b-milk every 2 hours. She was a better sleeper than Avery was. She would get up to eat, but then usually go right back to sleep. There were a few nights where I had to wake up Daddy to help, but nothing like it was with Avery.

I think with Liv I did have more of the baby blues. I cried a lot more this time, and just was not a happy mommy. I didn't start really enjoying my life again until she was about 6 weeks old. It was very hard going from one child to two...much harder that I had thought. It was a very big adjustment for all of us.

I haven't been blogging, because...

7:48 PM

I've been scrappin'

CREDIT: Jennifer Barrette Designs

CREDIT: Andilynn Designs

CREDIT: Angela Niehaus Designs


CREDIT: Scraps da Rosi

I've gone back to when we first got our digital camera and am beginning to scrap from there.
That's why these photos are all from July/August of last year!

A night out...courtesy of Sara

8:10 PM

My boss, Sara, called today and treated us out to dinner at G's...our FAVORITE resturaunt in town! It was such a nice treat for us, and I loved the time out of the house! THANK YOU SARA!

Liv enjoyed sucking on her hands, which thankfully kept her busy. She also played with Avery's Sleeping Beauty cell phone, something she has ben enjoying these days! Notice the crazy hair bow in her hair. I bought 2 of these after reading one of Carrie's posts!
Avery had her usual hot dogs, french fries, and a Sprite! She said "Mom...I'm not allergic to salt", and proceeded to pour salt on her meal. :) Notice the bun...even though she's not allergic to it, she still has to keep it off her plate.
Here's my man...We are both so photogenic! He had his usual meal...pollo asado, and a Mountain Dew of course! The shirt he is wearing he bought for our honeymoon...over 7 years ago. I think he needs to go shopping again...

And, me, greasy-pony-tailed-hair mommy who didn't wash my hair today! I LOVE the steak fajita's! I had 2 1/2 glasses of Mountain Dew...Livvie is going to be wild when that finally gets to her!
Afterwards we went to Ace Hardware and Walmart...Avery got a dinosaur toy(thank you Issac for introducing her to dinosaurs:>), Daddy bought a new shower head, and I bought a new smaller curling iron. Poor Livvie...she doesn't know that she's missing out on toys yet! :)


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