Winnie ;)

10:02 AM

My mom came up from Wisconsin on Sunday 
so that we could take Winnie on her very own adventure yesterday! 

We took her to meet her new boyfriend!  
Yes, Winnie *may* be pregnant! ;)  
The boy's name is Rocky!  
He just got a haircut (as did Winnie), 
but he normally looks like the photo below!

We were so proud of Winnie!  
She took it like a lady! ;)  
Now, we wait!

Olivia is 6!

1:51 PM

In TRUE Olivia fashion, she dressed to fit her personality for church on Sunday ;)

Livie found Avery's old glasses, and I just had to take a fun picture!

I took Liv lunch on Wednesday, her actual birthday.  Fun times!

Liv had a playdate after school on her birthday, but when she got home it was time to open presents from Mom, Dad and Avery!

It snowed here on Thursday!  The girls had a blast playing in the white stuff (which I hope melts soon!)

Olivia's Lalaloopsy Party

5:21 PM

We had such a fun time planning Olivia's 6th birthday party! ;) She gave out 13 of these cute invitations ;) made by pixel me perfect
Every girl has to have a ferris wheel lalaloopsy cake, right? ;)  Lalaloopsy is all about re-purposing every day items, so of course we had to use a pot for the cake stand! ;)
It works well to have birthday and Halloween in the same month this year!  Love my sweet little Jewel Sparkles!  I made the dress, and Nana Dianne gave Liv the cute wig/crown and fun socks!
She's such a doll!
As her friends came we first colored lalaloopsy masks and had on the Lalaloopsy movie in the background!

Next, we moved on to our first game!  Pin the crown on Jewel Sparkles! ;)
Out back to play a couple more games!  We threw embroidery hoops around steaks in the ground!
And spools into a bucket!  Notice the measuring tape as the starting line ;)
Liv's party go-ers!  A lot of her friends were out of town this weekend, but we still had fun! ;)
We next came inside and opened presents! :)  

Then moved on to a ice cream bar and cupcake eating!  The kiddos loved it!
Happy birthday to my little 6 year old! ;)
After the yummy food, the girls did some dancing and playing while waiting for their parents to pick them up!  It was a fun little party, and we're so thankful to Nana Dianne for coming and helping so much!  Thanks Bapa Craig for bringing her, too! ;)

Lunch with friends

5:13 PM

2 of Liv's friends from school couldn't make her birthday party, so we all went out for lunch on Friday to celebrate! ;) Gotta love McD's ;)

Liv birthday, take 1

4:41 PM

Nana Judy, Bapa Ron, Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly came down to see us last weekend! We got to celebrate Olivia's birthday!  Liv had to get all dressed up in her Lalaloopsy outfit to open up her presents!
Aunt Holly, Uncle Jon, and sweet little Lucy ;)  Oh, and in Holly's tummy is another cousin! ;)
Bapa Ron and Nana Judy
Here's Olivia with our sweet little new cousin on the way!

Liv and playdate with Audrey

4:38 PM

Gotta love my sweet Livie! She put the markers in colors the other day and I thought that since she spent so much time doing it, it deserved to be photographed!

We had our sweet little friend Audrey over to our house last Monday night to play for a couple of hours!  The girls loved having her, and momma did too!  Such a precious GOOD little lady!
Audrey and Winnie were great friends!  Winnie loved being around her, and Audrey loved Winnie!


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