Chloe Ann's shower

9:05 PM

Aunt Holly had sweet Chloe a couple of weeks ago, and her shower was this last Saturday!  We made a marathon trip up there to help out!  What a fun time!

 The girls LOVED riding this moterized thing all over the church!

 Nana Judy
 crazy Liv
 Grandma Dona
 Aunt Heidi
 our family of girls!


5:15 PM

Avery reminded me that I forgot to blog about her losing her 9th and 10th teeth!  Both on the bottom, and she pulled them both out herself!  I think she lost them within a couple days of each other!

In other news, Winnie is in full crazy mode :)  She has become a puppy again, since her puppies have left.  She is playful, loves to run around the house, and just isn't the lazy dog she was during her pregnancy.  We still love her so much, though!  Even if she is a bit crazy...i suppose she fits in well.

3:31 PM

Trying out my new lens....this is way out past our backyard by a snow hill! :)

Livie brought this home the other day....just love that she didn't write about Justin Bieber....

Winnie has become a puppy again....she loves to play A LOT, and is sleeping tons, too.  Doesn't seem to miss her babies at all!

This last week was dress up week for Liv.  Dr. Seuss day!

Favorite color day!  So much fun!


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