2 weeks in.....

6:51 PM

Here is Liv leaving her classroom on the first day of school!  She's making new friends left and right ;)

Olivia begged me to make brownies, so of course I said yes!  I was even so generous as to let Finn lick the batter!  He's got to start liking chocolate early! :)

Daddy gave Finn a buzz cut....we have decided we're not going to do it again :)

Avery had to make an "edible cell" for science this last week, so Friday night we added all the "stuff" to it :)

tasty, eh?  skittles, smarties, dots, licorice....

Finn and I are spending a lot of time in the van these days.  We drop off Avery at school for either choir or orchestra, and then have like 40 minutes to kill till we pick her up.  So, we are getting a lot of "selfie" time in :)


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