Olivia's meet the teacher night, and first day of 2nd grade!

11:23 AM

Little miss had a lot of opinions on what to wear to meet the teacher night!  A dress, sock bun, and jewelry.  Daddy did make her take off the necklace because it was "too much". :)

She also HAD to have a peace sign backpack....never thought I would be the mom to agree to that!

Waiting in line with her class, all ready to go!

Mrs. S!

teeth and walking!

11:18 AM

Mr Finn is finally getting a tooth!  So far, doesn't seem to bother him much!

Took some pics outside of this 9 mth old sweet BUSY boy!

and, he's WALKING!!!! 9  mths 1.5 weeks :)

Romeo and Harriet Play

11:16 AM

All the hard work and practices all summer finally paid off with the production of Romeo and Harriet!  Avery was cast as "Oregano", and had around 15 lines and also some singing parts, too!  She did such a wonderful job!!!

up up and away!

11:25 PM

A couple from our church has a couple of planes, and agreed to let Daddy, Avery and Liv go up around town for a late-birthday gift for Avery! :)

bedroom closet!

10:41 PM

We've lived in our house for over 4 years, and haven't gotten around to finishing off the final bedroom.  It needs a closet, trim, light, and carpet.  This weekend, my parents came to visit to begin the closet project!!! So thankful for all their hard work!!!

Olivia was very helpful to Bapa Craig, and just loved to be working! 

These 2 spent lots of hours together, and they are still happy!

  Here is where we got to :)  can't wait to move the girls down there!


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