Christmas Eve

10:11 PM

We had a nice slow-to-get-up morning!  I made some fun treats, and I put the little man to work cleaning up after me :)  Only kidding....he LOVES to sweep and clean!

The girls (meaning LIV) were anxious to begin opening presents!  I brought them out, and surprisingly when I told Finn "NO TOUCH", he obeyed!

Couldn't find a place to put Winnie's stocking this year...ha!

We opened some gifts in the afternoon!  I think this picture is so funny! 

Avery also loved opening up all of her fun surprises!

This is what Liv was so excited about!  She wants to practice doing nails ALL THE TIME, and so what better way than to buy her a plastic foot? :)  The plastic hand didn't make it in time, but is in the mail!

I found an etsy seller who makes fun necklaces!  Check out what she made up for Avery! #theatergeeksunite

Finn had a dinosaur Christmas!  little guy is very into them, so we showered him with them!

Spent the later part of the day making and frosting cookies, eating chicken and dumplings (yum!), and getting all dolled up for Christmas Eve service!  We LOVE being home for Christmas, and we LOVE spending time with our church family!

Hard to get a decent one of all of them, but....well, here is how we did ;)

After church, we went over to our church friends house and had a fun little gathering!  Lots of treats and chit chatting!  The girls got to play Wii, and Finn even learned how!  SO FUN!

After that, we came home, put Finn to bed, and the girls each opened up a couple things!  We were super tired and ready to hit the hay!!!

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