This week...

5:49 PM

My sewing machine wasn't cutting it, and after my mom was here last week and noticed a few things about it that weren't right, I knew I had to return it! The company I purchased it from was fantastic, and they gave me a new one, a much NICER one! :)

Say hello to my little friend

I have had a fun time making some more stuff!

Avery carries a laptop lunch case each day for lunch, and it's impossible to find a carrier that will hold them! I figured that I could make something up!

One, turned into 4, and I think I have it down by now, if I need to make more!

And, I found out today that Avery's allergy aide will not be returning for the lunch portion of her day, and I'm a tad freaked out, to say the least. So, I decided to make her a belt so she can wear her epi pen daily, in case we go that route.

Also, today as we were driving in the car, Liv said another one of her funny things! :)

"there's a girl in my brain telling me, please kiss a boy!"

such a silly girl...

one more week till school starts on the 29th :)

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