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7:12 PM

summer is winding down here, and this mama couldn't be more happy about that. I am ready for the girls to be back in a routine, and not in each others business all-day-long!

We're all registered, we've been to Olivia's orientation night at preschool, and Monday is the BIG day! Avery will be in 3rd grade, and Olivia will be in her 2nd year of preschool, and speech once a week!

To get ready for the big event, we had to get haircuts, of course! Our hairdresser was SO sweet to get us in within a couple hours after I called! 30 minutes later, and we had 2 new haircuts on 2 sweet girls!

In other news, yes, I was sewing again. I think I spend my Saturday's whipping up something! Last Saturday, I was bound and determined to make the girls pants. I've been making skirts and dresses, but no pants! I made up my own pattern, and paired it up with shirts, and just like that, 2 new outfits! :)



and, our Nana Judy just had to have surgery for a broken wrist, and we LOVE her, and hope she recovers very soon!!!!

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