Texas Trip Day 2 (Friday)

6:37 PM

We woke up bright and early, got in our continental breakfast, and then put the May's address in the Armada GPS, and we actually made it to the May's house!  Adalynn and Eliza were there to greet us

Our first stop of our Texas trip:  The 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, the place where JFK was shot.

**PHOTOS ARE NOT ALLOWED at ALL, but I googled it, and these came up, so here ya go!**

The tour was neat, even for the kids.  Maybe a bit more boring for the kids, but they enjoyed it as well!  

After the tour, we went up to the 7th floor, and THERE we were able to take pictures!  Below are the 2 X's on the road where the 2 shots were fired, and I am looking out the window 1 floor above where the actual killer was, so this was similar to what he was looking at...

A JFK picture made out of small Jackie's, and vice versa... (each pixel is an image of Jackie)

We were able to go outside and walk around where the parade was, and get closer to the actual place where he was shot.

Such a neat experience for us all!  And look....here are 2 of our May's.... Rod and Heidi!!! :) 

So, Texas is hot...like, really hot.  Like, just get used to the feeling of sweat and wetness at all times..

We walked down the street to a Subway for lunch, and then Rod and Heidi took us for a little longer walk.....

We ended up at this amazing place!  The World Aquarium!  What a neat experience!

It was indoor (with air conditioning) so it wasn't as miserable as it would have been in actual Texas heat!

This Manatee was quite fun to watch!  He was carrying around this little log like a blankie as he was swimming around!

I personally liked the sloths....although when you zoom up, they are so creepy!

This dude was perched up on top of this tree stump, living his best life!

After the aquarium, we went back to Rod and Heidi's house and met up with Dexter, Jessi and the girls!  

We WALKED (yes, in the heat) down to the famous Kincaids burgers, one of the best burger joints in Fort Worth!

Yummy!!!  On the walk back, we stopped off at their church, and looked around!

Lots of walking on day 2, and we went back to the hotel tired!  Kids swam a bit, and then we were OUT! :)

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