Track and Field Day, Mothers Day, Liv's Teeth

1:07 PM

Avery and I left the cities so we could make it to Liv's track and field day!  We missed all of her events, but we were at least able to see her there!  Daddy and Finn went and watched her all afternoon!

Her class made shirts and called themselves the "Awesome Squad".  LOVE her teacher!!! :) ha!

We had Daddy's birthday, our 17th Anniversary, and Mothers Day as well!

Nana Judy and Bapa Ron came down and we had a nice lunch at home!  I didn't take one picture!  darn!  These are the only pics I got before the end of the night!

Liv had another orthodontic consult as well, and I just find it so amazing that this is her mouth.  She's going to cost us so much $$$  :(  

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