Finn has surgery :(

1:17 PM

We woke up really really early, and headed to BIG TOWN for surgery!  We had been talking about it for weeks, and so there was really nothing that surprised Finn about the whole ordeal...

This time, he was much more aware of people, and feelings, so we were careful with words and actions.  One of the doctors gave him this cool football!!!  He loved that!

They had a lady come and show Finn pictures of where he was going, and what was going to happen.  This was just like some of the youtube videos we had watched, so he knew just what was happening!

Avery asked him to pose for a pic... here he is saying to her "Topo Gigio" :)

He got some fun wheels for this little trip to the operating room!

They were all so great and helpful!  I walked him into the room, and helped him up on the table.  They talked to us a little bit, and then told Finn they were going to let him put the mask on.  Once that happened, he didn't like the smell at all, and didn't really want to be doing that.  However, after a couple breaths, he was already out, so off to sleepy land he went.  

Again, I cried leaving's just so hard to see your baby in that situation.....

Recovery was more rough this time.  He wasn't crazy or screaming, but he was tired, sad, and in pain. 

It allowed for a lot of cuddles.

During one of those cuddles, he threw up all over momma, so we switched out mommy for daddy!  It was a rough little bit, not being sure what was going on or what was to happen next.

We had this girl with us, who was a complete nervous wreck, so that helped a lot!

Finally we were able to leave, and he slept the whole way home.  Once we were back home, we noticed that one of his ears was draining blood, and the other was draining all this goo!!!  So, I called the dr quick, and was assured that this was normal!  whew!

After about 8 hours, he was feeling a bit better.  He was hungry, and was interested in trying popsicles.  He also ate some yogurt and rice, too!

Here are some pics I took during the healing process....

I counted, and with the ear drops, antibiotics, and pain meds, we gave him meds over 70 times over the span of a was a LOT of pain control!!!

Glad it's behind us, and thankful to not have to do this again!!!

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