Our Wisconsin Thanksmas

9:36 PM

Darn midwest weather..

we were supposed to leave Tuesday, but a fun wintry mix of rain/sleet/snow decided to visit us, delaying our trip until Wednesday.

The first hour went great....music blaring, kids happy, but then about an hour into it, Liv's tummy started to do it's thing.  We were in a particular town for an hour....3 different stops, 2 of them delayed bathroom visits.  BUT, we ended up feeling better, and moved some seats around, and Liv was back to herself!

Winnie was drugged and probably the best passenger this trip :)  YEA WINNIE!!!

We had some fun with a Mary Kay app....

ha ha ha! 

We stopped in the cities to visit our good friends who decided to abandon us and move there.  We were hoping for an overnight, but because of the weather, we had to settle on an hour....boo hoo.

It was so nice to see them, though, and am thankful for that hour!!!

We arrived at 6, and were greeted by all our family!  We all were hungry, so off to our favorite pizza joint!  It was sooooooooo yummy!

Back to Nana and Bapa's cabin in the woods.  Liv got right to frosting cookies with Nana.

Finn wanted in on the action as well!

My crew all snuggled up watching some sort of Theater song I'm sure!

Liv brought along her mad libs, and we had quite the fun time with those!

Thanksgiving morning!!!  This one woke up pretty early and was ready to start making food with Nana!  She made stuffing...

and peeled potatoes, among other foods, too!

Bapa and Finn had some playtime!

Around 1 or so, Josh and Ellie and Grady and Addy showed up for our fun Thanksmas!  Here are all the grandkids on MY side!

We had to take a pic of Josh here....he had already had SECONDS, and then went back up and stacked up 3 pieces of ham....and ate the whole thing.... UGH!

We have been wanting to combine Thanksgiving and Christmas and have one big "Thanksmas" since 2012.  But, sickness, babies, and more sickness happened, and finally, here in 2016, we were able to have our Thanksmas!!!

Liv was super excited to bring along Beanboozled.  The game where you spin, end up on a certain color jelly bean, and randomly pick that color out of a box....it's either a good taste, or super nasty.  Well, we got plenty of nasty ones...

such as chocolate pudding or canned dog food...

we don't have one of Nana, but she had caramel corn or moldy cheese

peach or barf...

buttered popcorn or rotten egg...

strawberry banana smoothie or dead fish

I don't remember what this one was, but it wasn't pleasant :)

Liv finally got in on the action after we protested until she joined us!

Nana and Bapa bought all of the kiddos matching GAP sweatshirts :)

This is the 3 kiddos being super heroes...can't ya tell?

On to the next day....day after Thanksgiving.  We spent lots of time eating leftovers, and just bumming around the cabin.  Liv made this beautiful dessert for us for later in the night!

We went to a Mexican restaurant in town, and it was AMAZING!  SO SO SO SO good!

After, we were onto the park for the first night of lights, and to meet Santa!

Grady walked right on up there!

Finn was a little more hesitant, but better than last year!

Liv hopped up there and asked for a pony!

Josh's family!

My Family!

The kids loved walking around and seeing all the lights!

Avery did, too :)

how stinkin cute is this kid?

Next day....we are on Saturday here!  Early morning at our favorite pancake place!  The oatmeal pancakes are just ridiculous!

The kids seemed to enjoy themselves....

That day, Daddy, Nana, Finn, Livie and I went into town to shop at Target, and a couple other places!  Later that night, we went to Josh and Ellie's house, and Nana and Bapa watched all of the kids so us big kids could go out for supper!!!

While we were gone, they played play dough!

And Finn got down to his undies again, and they had a dance party! 

We left early this morning for our long drive home.  It went as well as we could hope, even with this little 3 year old!

Yes, his daddy got him a "green hulk", which in Finn's language sounds like "ee duck"

Thankful for family!

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