Finn turns T-H-R-E-E

10:15 PM

just like we are!  no longer the cute little blue eyed baby boy, now my toddler growing-up-before-my-eyes blue eyed boy!

Little mister asked for a dinosaur party, so we did just that!  I think I spent a whole $5 on decor, since we have TONS of dinos around the house already!!! :)

The cake turned out oh soooo cute!  I LOVE pinterest!  Finn helped with a lot of it (especially peeling the kisses and eating quite a few!)

We celebrated on the 11th, because, well, why not! :)

He has been interested in yo gabba gabba lately, and was so shocked when he opened up all the characters!!!

on to cake! :)

He wasn't a fan of us fact, he hid during the song, and popped up just in time to blow out the candles!  He's a shy little fella!

We know how to party!!!

I turn my back for a minute, and this is what my crazy Liv does....a 10 year old in a 3T, nope!

that's much better!

He would fly around and rescue the girls.  He gives superman hugs and kisses as his power!

Little guy could not be any cuter!  He is sooooo loved!

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