Wisconsin Trip, Friday

2:49 PM

Friday morning meant Bohemian Ovens!  Oatmeal pancakes.....SOOOOOOO good!!!

See daddy over there....reading?  ;)

Funny face by little dude!

Grady is such a ham! ha!

Addy has such beautiful eyes!!!

Bapa enjoys sharing his hat with the kids, I see!

The guys took the little kiddos to a park for a little fun before naptime!

...while the girls all went into Eau Claire for pedicures and shopping!!!  It was Avery's first time, and Liv's second!  Such a fun treat!

Liv spent $7 of her dollars for 15 minutes of riding around the mall on this Elephant ride..

She also had to spend more quarters on this rocket thing....it was such a let down for her...

...so Avery and I hopped on and enjoyed it!

Target next!  Nana let Liv get this little kiddo cart....I tried to sit in it, and seriously, only one bum cheek fit...

The ladies and their pretty toes!

Supper at Rock Lake!  Always a favorite!  
Addy was all ready to eat!

The kids went outside for a bit while the food was getting ready for us!

After eating we had to go back outside and visit with the horses some more!

Then, back to the lake for some boat rides and fire with smores!

It's going to be fun watching these little ones grow up together!

Annual family pics!  This year Bapa got himself a fancy new swing!

One last family boat ride....we ended up singing Hamilton and i believe the whole lake probably was quite annoyed with us....

Liv loves to drive the boat, so she took out Josh, Grady and Addy for a little ride!

Campfire time!

Saying goodbyes....Liv was saying goodbye to Addy, and I decided to pour some water down her pants...funny

she didn't think so.... :)

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