Last week of July

10:11 PM

It's always fun to go to the doctor and sit in the office with a toddler, right?  At least I kept him out of the sink this time!

We've been doing a lot of this, but have also taken a bit of a break with all the time we've been busy at Shrek!  Once I recover, then I think we'll dive back in!

I shaved Finn's hair, and, well, this is how it's OK, just don't look too close!

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came up on Thursday to see Avery's show over the weekend.  Finn and "Ap-pa" were together non-stop!  Bapa took him to the park over and over, and they were outside non-stop! :)

Bapa taught him thumbs up :)

And here is Bapa Craig trying to figure out how to take a selfie with Finn....ha!

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