Olivia's 5th Birthday Celebration!

8:54 PM

Our sweet baby girl is turning 5...we just can't believe it!

Olivia helped mommy make her Cinderella cake! By helping, I really mean licking the batter! :)

Licking the spoon wasn't enough though....she couldn't let the batter just go to waste!

Sunday, after church, Olivia picked one of her (our) favorite restaurants to go to! Nana Dianne, Uncle Jon, Bapa Ron, and Nana Judy were also here for her special day!

This is what her face looked like when the waiters came out singing to her....she got all shy, and turned red! :) At least she didn't cry like her sister did when she was 5!

She was a good sport and even got some yummy ice cream out of the deal!

Back home to celebrate! :) Nana Dianne frosted up this Cinderella cake just as Olivia asked!

Time for presents! :) Liv got SOOOO excited while opening! Glad Uncle Jon caught some on video so we can remember this sweet time!

Our Aunt Holly (Uncle Jon's wife) is stationed in Abu Dahbi right now, and here below, Olivia is opening up a gift that she sent her from there! She sent Olivia and Avery some gifts that girls in Abu Dahbi play with! Camels are a big thing there, and our girls thought they were all so neat! It was also nice to be able to touch these gifts, knowing that Aunt Holly just was touching them herself....we can't wait to see her in December! :)

More presents, and Olivia had a growing affection for Uncle Jon this visit! :) Must be giving him extra love since she can't give it to Holly!

During half time of the Vikings game, we came back upstairs and did the birthday cake/song stuff!

This year, Liv managed to NOT catch her hair on fire with her candle! :) She said the cake mommy made was good, so I guess I didn't do too terribly....

Last picture of the day....snuggled up with Uncle Jon...

Olivia's actual birthday is on Monday, and there is a super special surprise up mommy's sleeve that she doesn't know a THING about! :) Can't wait to share!!!

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