Olivia turns 5!

8:20 PM

Olivia woke up this morning bright and early and ready to celebrate her 5th birthday!

She took birthday cupcakes to school today and got to be the snack helper!

Little did she know that Mommy had a HUGE surprise for her after school today!

I picked her up, and told her that I was going to take her out to eat. So, we went to Applebees, and I told her we were going to wait because someone was joining us.

And, look who just happened to be meeting us for lunch today.....
Olivia's old speech teacher, Rachel! She was in town visiting her family, and we had arranged to surprise Liv for lunch! Olivia was beyond shocked, and SO excited to see her!

Rachel was so nice to bring a present for Liv. Earrings and fun flavored chap stick! :) How nice!
It was such a wonderful lunch! When we got in the car, Olivia immediately said, "Thank you SO much! Thank you SO much!"

Olivia got to open up her last gift after Avery got home today!

I would say she had the happiest of birthdays yet! :)

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