January 2018

9:32 PM

We finally got around to painting Liv's new bedroom!  She picked out a peach/pink color, and so we went with it! :)

It was a long weekend of painting, but it turned out so cute!  She got LOTS of room decor for Christmas, so she was already set!

Miss Winifred always has to be in on the action

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came up so Daddy and I could go on a long mini-vacation from the kiddos.  January 12th, they showed up, and we took off.

This pic was taken at the gas station about 2 miles from our house.  I was missing the kids something fierce already

We went to Minneapolis, and our first stop was at our favorite burger place!!!

Off to get checked into our hotel.  I felt at home, as there was a Walmart right outside!  ha!

We went to a few stores

After a super long awful first night, we decided to postpone our first activity, and sleep in.  

Sleeping in till noon was really REALLY nice!

We missed the kids sooooooooooooo much!  Sigh...

Don't think they were missing us much, as they were having a blast with Nana and Bapa!!!

Waking up to ice wasn't as nice as waking up to a sandy beach, but oh well!

We went to Chic Fil A and enjoyed that!!!

We kinda bummed around a bit, and then to our favorite friends' house for supper and hanging out!!!

We got back to the hotel late, and then the next morning, off to church at Bethlehem South!  We sat behind our friends dad!  :)

We then had a great lunch with some mentor friends, and a nice long chat about ministry and such.

The Vikings were playing, so we took off back to our friends house for the game!  Can't believe they won in the last second.....we were all in shock!!!!!

We were soooooooo tired, and went and grabbed some sonic, and went back to our hotel to meet up with our friends!!!!!

2 hours of chatting it up later, and it was off to bed! :)

The next morning, there was a bit of shopping (for me), and I brought Wendy's back up to our room!

Then, off to the pastors conference!  My goal while we were there, was to touch Paul David Tripps mustache....I was close, but I got cold feet, and it didn't happen....

We met up with our friend Josh, and Luke and Emma, and went to the Red Cow restaurant.

Drove by our favorite Orpheum on the way back to the convention center!

How beautiful was this place?

That night, we got to hear Piper, and it was really good!

Next day, off to another yummy eating destination!  After lunch, back to the conference for the rest of the day!

Our sweet mentor friends took us out to eat downtown at this high class place.  I felt so out of place!

The next morning, we were SO anxious to be home with our kiddos, that we ended up going home a tad early.....  We couldn't wait to see their faces!!!

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