Beginning of our Summer

3:37 PM

Our summer has started with a lot of fun!!!

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig went on a camping trip in their new RV, and on their way back home, stopped by for a couple of days!  Lots of fun was had, including a water balloon fight!!! :)

Nana is such a good sport!!!

by the time I got my camera out, Bapa had already exited the scene!  And, his sidekick Winnie....always by his side when he comes!

One night when they were here, we headed over to our FAVORITE mexican place!  Daddy and I finally got smart phones, and the girls were showing us some funny things you can do on them!  ha!!!

Finn wants to be outside ALL THE TIME.  This day, he and Livie did some fun chalk drawings!

I am doing a bunch of projects, like always.  Here is one that was started and completed already:  Finn's abacus!  I wanted it to not be primary colors...instead, match his room a bit more!

We got to watch baby Elisha for a couple hours one day, too!  He is just the squishiest cutest!!!

Finn hasn't been able to go to the pool yet, so he and Liv have been doing their best to have some fun water time outside!!!

and, this boy....not sure where it came from, but he prefers to not be fully clothed anymore.  He either has pants off, or a shirt off, mostly all time time at home.  But, many times you can find him just like this, too!!!!

Some church friends and I decorated for a baby shower with a "woodland owl" theme.  It actually turned out super cute! :)

I did a big project for my sister in law...3 big 20x24 pieces, and then a name piece as well....They look so great in her home!!!

Dove chocolates are on roll back at Walmart, so we have been eating a's fun to read what they say!

And, here's mr Finn at his follow up appt with his Dr.  He can now go to the pool and jump on the trampoline!  No restrictions!!!  WHOO HOO!!!!!!!

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