Daddy goes on a trip....

12:19 PM

We sent Daddy away for a rest and relaxation trip this last week.  I seemed to take quite a bit of pics to send to him so he didn't miss us TOO much :)

We made slime!  Finn and Liv loved it so so so much!  Finn would spend a loooooong time just playing with it all by himself! :)

The weather was pleasant out on Wednesday, so we went out in the front and played in the snow a bit :)

Little did they know that Nana was coming again!!!  Such a fun surprise! :) 

Liv enjoyed quite a bit of art projects while daddy was gone!

A fun night at Walmart and then followed by Culvers!

I let Olivia stay home on Friday to watch the inauguration.  She also painted our church friend this picture to say thank you for making her some amazing mac and cheese!

She LOVED it :)

Saturday, Liv went to a dance camp.  That night, she got to perform at the High School basketball game.  It was our first time!

Liv wanted to make daddy a special sign for his office while he was gone!  She was so proud of it! :)

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