A-Town Christmas celebration

11:28 PM

We got in the car on the 27th to head up to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's!  The weather was really cruddy on the 26th (when we were SUPPOSED to travel), so we decided to stay put for another day!

it was 2.5 hours of pure awesomeness ;)

Mr Finn started to feel crummy that morning, so he was pretty chill for the ride...

Nana and Bapa rented the pool area and a room next to the pool at their local YMCA.  The kiddos loved swimming, and most of the adults did too!

Finn didn't last very long....the ickies caught up with him, and he was cold and shaking, and wanted to get dressed.  Then, peed on me while I was holding him, and then fell asleep right on my lap...all things that are not like him.  He took a snooze...poor little guy!

Bapa Ron had a huge wonderful meal catered in so Nana Judy didn't have to be busy in the kitchen all day!  It was so so so yummy!!!

On to presents!  We had a fun time of gifting each other with presents!

I made this for Nana and Bapa this year....turned out pretty cute, and they enjoyed it!

All 9 of the grandkids on daddy's side!  Look at all those BOYS!!!

We took off and drove home after the celebration was done, which is a good thing, cause little Mr got even sicker.....

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