2016 Trick or Treat

11:00 PM

our crew.... their outfits describe their personalities so much :)
Liv - spicy Vikings cheerleader
Avery - GOOD Sandy, from Grease
Finn - adorable cute little dino 

We decided to head over to trunk or treat first!

things you can't see:  i had the seams cut open on the back of this dress so it could actually fit her.  Girl is getting a figure!

things you can't see:  the handles of these pom pons are corn on the cob thingies :)

we stopped at our good friends house for a visit! 

and then back to our neighborhood!  Avery stayed inside to hand out candy with daddy, and Liv, Finn and I were off to visit our neighbors!!!

I used his car from last year, and just repainted it to go with his dino theme!
nothing like last minute touches!

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