10:49 AM


first: Avery. She had to have her appliance removed last week because of an infection in it. We now have to go back in again this next week, do impressions again, and then they will re-fit her mouth with something.

second: Olivia. Her earring caught onto a blanket string, and began bleeding, and then infecting her ear. Mommy had to sit on her, while Olivia was screaming, to take the earrings out. We cleaned them up, and later that day we were able to put a different pair in. Olivia says she will not take her earrings out again until she is 16.


Avery: doing very well. getting great grades. helps out her classmates when they need help. she needs to improve on talking...she needs to do more of it! we are working with her on SPEAKING UP! crazy that MY child is quiet! She earned a book for her great conference. Also, she just brought home a Science test worth 100 points....she got an A+! she was so proud of herself and excited to show us!

Olivia: she also had a great conference. she is kind to her friends, sits and listens, knows her letters and what-not. she needs to improve on: playing with friends instead of teachers. Olivia also got to get a book for a special treat too!


field mice like to live in our garage
i have been a sewing mad woman
really enjoying white chocolate kit kats
we leave for WI in one week

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