12:26 AM

Liv had a fever Sunday evening, and into Monday. She told me that her brain and throat hurt. Tuesday morning, she threw up, and within 30 minutes after that, she felt fine. Wednesday morning, her tonsils were still enlarged, so we went into the Dr. The Dr decided to run some lab work and test her for some allergy related things, and also for a virus that is going around. She tested negative for the virus, and we are waiting for the allergy results. Liv HATED getting the blood draw. 3 nurses had to hold her down, with me as well. She screamed SO loud, and I had to cover her mouth to muffle the noise. Something tells me that Kindergarten shots are not going to go well....I think I'll have Daddy take her! :)

School for Avery is going well. She's enjoying it, so that is good! She has been reading up a storm at home, and we studied for her first real "quiz" that she took on Friday. I'm so glad that she "gets" school, because it makes it so much easier for me! It will be interesting to see how Liv handles real school. She seems to be opposite of Avery in so many areas, so we shall see! :)

We've been decorating for fall, and getting ready for the change of seasons here. I've been making many many things in the crock pot, so that is becoming our new friend! We've been trying to make 2 main things a week, and it's been going well so far.

Looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend!

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