2nd Grade Concert

4:23 PM

Last Thursday, yes, a whole week ago already, Avery had her 2nd grade concert. I have been bad at posting the photos of the night! :) It was so fun to go and watch all of the kiddos dressed up in their finest, with their hair combed perfectly. The gymnasium was packed with I'd estimate, well over 500 people watching and smiling at these cute little ones who had worked so very hard on these songs!

Avery had been preparing for her duet for weeks! When she came home and told us she "got the part", she was sooooo excited, and really not all that nervous to stand in front of all those people. I reminded her that when I was in 2nd grade, I also had a solo. Mine was in a song called "Mary had a baby" which was quite different than a Hannah Montana song...how far we have come, huh? She did such a wonderful job on "her part" and I couldn't stop smiling....we were so proud of our little girl!

Anyway, here are the photos of the night! :)

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