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1:44 PM

our family has been been enjoying the lazy days of nothing-ness and trying our best to do just that, and not feel bad about being in our pj's and being un-productive. it always seems to be so hard to get back into the school routine after being on Christmas break for 2 weeks, and this year has been no different.

since i last blogged, i suppose we've done more of the same....

i've been working my tail off over at the shoppe, and just in the last day added Facebook design to the services offered now...

it's been snowing like mad here, and there's not a lot more room to put it. we're (crossing my fingers) getting a snowthrower/blower this weekend to help with that! :)

i've been enjoying the lovely smells of my scentsy...yum yum yum!

and i took down my Christmas decorations, but haven't been able to put this cute little Christmas tree guy away yet....he'll be so lonely in a box all by his lonesome! :(

we've been working on math with Avery...
and she celebrated her 8 1/2 birthday at school on January 12th! got to go out for a special lunch!

Liv decided to pull off her pinky toenail a couple weeks ago, and then it got infected and it's been a whole lot of fun (and $)to deal with that in the wintertime.
{...this is what it looks like healing}

and, she wanted to take a picture of a happy meal toy she got the other day, just for kicks and giggles! :)

so, that's what we've been up to around here! not a whole lot! freezing temps, and trying to stay warm inside, while not driving each other crazy!

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