Thanksgiving 2010

11:24 PM

our family went up to daddy's parents house for turkey day this year. it was a wonderful time of relaxing, eating, and family...what more is there than that?

at the dinner table, Avery told us that she had written a Thanksgiving speech. it was very cute, educational, and festive!

Liv (who had just woken up from a nap), was in charge of ringing the dinner bell, and she loved having that job!

the girls in their cute shirts! :)

Nana Judy let the girls have the adult glasses with some punch! Avery doesn't look happy at all in this photo, because...look to the next photo...

she was super nervous and anxious about the meal that was sitting in front of her! Nana had made her a meal that was free of milk, eggs and peanuts, and she was not excited at all about that.

um, yeah...she didn't touch it at all...


we put all our names on the fun scrabble board...{and scribbled daddy's name off :)}

on Friday, Uncle DJ, Aunt Rachelle, and cousins Noah and Blake came over to see us! We loved seeing them! Avery was very interested in Noah, and I think he liked her too! ;)

check out Mr. blue eyes! he's soooo cute! :)

we went over and visited great grandma Hilda, and the kids kept themselves busy running around!

all the little ones with great grandma Hilda

we had such a nice time there, and we will be going back in a couple weeks for Christmas! :)

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