3:21 PM

i went with Olivia's preschool class last Thursday to the Pumpkin Patch! it was fun to meet her friends, and see how she interacts with her classmates!

don't be fooled, she was having fun. she didn't like the sun, or the 'pokey stems' though!

looking for just the right one!


carrying her punkin

she also picked a pumpkin flower that she continued to take care of the whole day.

on the way back to school (my camera was acting funny...very blurry)

in other news, i have been busy with some fun DIY projects.

Last week, I took an old ugly night stand

and turned it into something much less ugly...

and, today, this little helper

has been helping me sand an old dresser from my Aunt Becky from this...

to this...

we're going to paint it black, and i'm soooo super excited to see how it turns out!

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