a weekend vacation

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Our family hit the road on Friday afternoon and drove all of the way to Rochester, MN. Rochester holds a special place in our hearts, as it is where hubby and I went to college, met, fell in love, got engaged, married, and began our lives together.

Friday night, Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig met up with us, and Bapa took the girls to Culver's and Walmart, and Nana, hubby and I went to Noodles to eat (oh man...super yum) and Hobby Lobby. A fun night, except that Liv was almost hit by a car. Thank the Lord Daddy grabbed her when he did. Not fun, not fun at all....

Nana Dianne was kind enough to get a massive hotel suite for our family to stay in, and right away the girls wanted to swim!!! Uncle Josh and Aunt Kathryn drove all of the way up to Rochester from Indiana (11 hours).

Livie blue-eyes swimming in the hotel pool!

Uncle Josh is super crazy and fun, and the girls love to be around him!

Saturday afternoon, hubby and I and Josh and Kathryn went to the wedding of our college friend Matthew. It was at a golf resort, and the ceremony was on the practice green. It was so pretty, and a tad bit chilly too!

The reception was inside, and was very beautiful as well. We had the best time, and laughed so hard all evening with some of our old college friends about old times.

Uncle Josh (Drew Carey) and Aunt Kathryn...

Warren and Kara

Josh and Chris

Stacey and Janny

Greg, Joanie, and Kirsten

Matthew and Katy...

our table had a blast watching this couple the whole night. Yes, he is helping her stand (and himself too). Let's just say that there was an open bar all night long...for free, and this couple took full advantage...

I thought this guy looked just like Tim Gunn from Project Runway..."Make it work!"

And this guy off to the left, who by the way is a super good dancer, had a hair cut similar to Kate Gosslein/Christian from Project Runway. He was super "Fierce!" (and that couple again!:))

we stayed at the reception till pretty late, and then back to our hotel room! Thanks to Nana Dianne for watching the girls while the rest of us went to the wedding and reception!

Sunday morning we all woke up and had a pillow fight..well, the girls and Uncle Josh did!

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up, check out, and say our goodbyes...

we had such a fun time in Rochester with Mommy's family!


Other random stuff...

Here is Olivia with her speech teacher Rachel....taken before the haircut! :) Rachel is uber awesome, and we love her to pieces!

and, here is Ms. Avery's school picture from this year!

and, I decorated a tad bit for fall over the past week or so! Here's a peek!

Happy Fall Y'All!

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