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tomorrow Avery gets her palette expander put in. about 6 months ago, our friend's husband (who is a dentist) pointed out to us the issue with Avery's top teeth.

(none of these are our pictures)

this is basically what her mouth looked like before...her top teeth didn't sit on top of her bottom teeth, instead, they went inside of them.
about 2 months ago, we began the process of getting the ball rolling on correcting this. plenty of x-rays, molds, rubberband seperators, etc...and tomorrow the day is finally here.

the expander looks something like this I believe (although her's only fits around one set of teeth)

the point of it is that little by little, the metal piece get's turned and her top teeth will eventually be where they are supposed to be.
i have no idea how often we have to do this turning thing, or what it all entails, but I do know that she has to have the appliance on for about 1 year. we will expand it for around 4-6 months, and then lock it into place for another 6 months so her teeth will not go back to their previous place.

so, that's what we'll be doing tomorrow at 4:15...praying for a calm heart for her and i, patient workers, and little to no pain...

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